WLS News – January 9, 2009

In the January 9, 2009, edition of WLS News, host Leslie Thompson reports on how weight loss surgery can benefit teenagers with adult-onset diabetes; how Lap-Band surgery can reduce the risk of complications during pregnancy; and the positive physical and emotional impact of exercise after weight loss surgery. Plus, viewers can find out where to meet the team from the Weight Loss Surgery Channel in person later this month.

WLS Journeys – Guest Gaye Tindel

Yvonne McCarthy, host of WLS Journeys, talks with guest Gaye Tindel about the remarkable improvements to her health that she experienced after undergoing weight loss surgery, despite having waited until her late 40s. Although she admits her life is far from perfect since undergoing a gastric bypass several years ago, Gaye shares her successes and the lessons she has learned about the true toll that obesity takes on our lives. Tune in to view this latest episode, and discover the impact that weight loss surgery can have on your physical and emotional health.

WLS Journeys – Guest Debra Flores

In the first episode of the uplifting new series WLS Journeys, host Yvonne McCarthy talks with Debra Flores, a 10 year veteran of two weight loss surgeries. After her first weight loss surgery, a vertical gastric banding procedure, Debra suffered from severe dumping syndrome which led to malnutrition. After a rigorous search for a weight loss revision surgeon, Debra had a Roux-en-Y gastric bypass and achieved weight loss success. Through Debra’s inspirational story, she offers hope and words of encouragement to those in all stages of their weight loss journey.