WLS News – March 20, 2009

Tune into the March 20, 2009, edition of WLS News to find out why obesity is as bad for teens as smoking, and learn about a new seven-step program designed to help overweight children and adolescents get back on track toward a healthy lifestyle. Plus, we'll examine the impact that excess weight can have on your joints and lungs, and explore the connection between obesity and erectile dysfunction. All this plus WLS Journeys host Yvonne McCarthy with the scoop on a special contest for weight loss surgery video bloggers -- all on this week's WLS News!

Beth Sheldon-Badore

She’s wise. She’s irreverent. She is one of the most visible members of the WLS support community through her limitless blog and YouTube video posts, as well as her appearances at Obesity Help events. Now, we’ve given Beth Sheldon-Badore, a.k.a., Melting Mama, a brand new show on the Weight Loss Surgery Channel. Melting Mama’s Reality Bites debuts February 1, 2009, and trust us -- you don't want to miss it!