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90 Seconds to Success – A Life or Death Desire

A Life or Death Desire. For many weight loss surgery patients, surgery was their last hope to lose weight. Their life actually depended on it. In today's episode, host Craig Thompson uses a surprising story to illustrate how important it is to WANT success, and how that burning desire can make all the difference when it comes to achieving our goals.
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90 Seconds to Success – Get Desperate!

Get Desperate! Desperation should not always be viewed as something negative. Host Craig Thompson encourages us to be desperate for success and to find the burning desire within us to achieve the goals we have set for ourselves. Tune into today’s episode to learn how you can become desperate for all the right reasons.

Lifestyle Guru Laura Preston Joins WLS Channel Faculty

Former cosmetics industry executive turned motivational speaker, Laura Preston has joined the faculty of the Weight Loss Surgery Channel and will host a new fashion and lifestyle show to debut this spring. Each episode of The Big Do-Over will feature fresh advice on beauty, fashion, fitness and living well after weight loss surgery. A bariatric patient herself, Laura offers viewers a show full of practical and fun advice on how to create a new road map for themselves, and embrace life as if they had never been seriously overweight at all. Stay tuned for her on-air debut this spring!

WLS Journeys – Guest Gina Robinson

Gina Robinson thought she had finally gotten her health on track when she lost 150 pounds after weight loss surgery. But several years after her operation, she found that she had become complacent about her earlier success, and as a result regained 60 pounds. Join Gina as she shares her story with host Yvonne McCarthy in the latest episode of WLS Journeys, and find out how this hospice nurse gave herself a check-up from the neck up to regain control of her weight and her health.
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Weight Loss Surgery News Launches Jan 2, 2009

On January 2nd, the Weight Loss Surgery Channel kicks off the first episode of WLS News. The weekly online newscast will cover the latest happenings in the world of weight loss surgery, including new research findings, human interest stories, and special events for members of the weight loss surgery community. Click here for a sneak peek!