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90 Seconds to Success – Where is Happiness?

Where is Happiness? Where does happiness come from? How can we find happiness in every situation – good or bad? Host Craig Thompson reminds us that we all have the ability to choose happiness every day. The secret? Gratitude. We cannot say “I will be happy when” or “I will be happy if” – we must choose happiness right here by being grateful for what we have right now.

90 Seconds to Success – Progress Not Perfection

Progress NOT Perfection. In this episode of 90 Seconds to Success, host Craig Thompson reminds us to keep the mindset of a student, no matter where we are in our weight loss surgery journey. Not only can we continue to develop our character and learn healthy new habits, but we also refrain from placing unrealistic expectations on the people around us by maintaining a posture of humility and recognizing that we're all constantly in process.