WLS Journeys – Guest Ramon Lopez

Previously featured on TLC's Big Medicine, Ramon Lopez weighed nearly 500 pounds prior to weight loss surgery. Although he lost more than 270 pounds little more than a year after his procedure, his struggle to find a sense of peace and happiness had just begun. In this episode of WLS Journeys, Ramon speaks candidly with host Yvonne McCarthy about his struggles with cross-addictions post-op, and his newfound sense of purpose in communicating a message of hope to others who suffer from obesity.

Beth Sheldon-Badore

She’s wise. She’s irreverent. She is one of the most visible members of the WLS support community through her limitless blog and YouTube video posts, as well as her appearances at Obesity Help events. Now, we’ve given Beth Sheldon-Badore, a.k.a., Melting Mama, a brand new show on the Weight Loss Surgery Channel. Melting Mama’s Reality Bites debuts February 1, 2009, and trust us -- you don't want to miss it!