Craig Thompson

Craig Thompson, founder of the Weight Loss Surgery Channel and host of 90 Seconds to Success, underwent open Roux en-Y gastric bypass surgery in May...

Dr. David Provost

With more than 20 years' experience as a bariatric surgeon, Dr. David Provost has helped thousands of patients begin a new and healthier life after...

Dr. Adam Smith

With more than 13 years of practice as an laparoscopic surgeon to his credit, Dr. Adam Smith is experienced, having performed more than 2,000...

Yvonne McCarthy

Yvonne McCarthy, known by many as "Bariatric Girl", is a public speaker, co-founder of RYD Obesity, and an active member of the WLS community. She...

Beth Sheldon-Badore

She’s wise. She’s irreverent. She is one of the most visible members of the WLS support community through her limitless blog and YouTube video posts, as well as her appearances at Obesity Help events. Now, we’ve given Beth Sheldon-Badore, a.k.a., Melting Mama, a brand new show on the Weight Loss Surgery Channel. Melting Mama’s Reality Bites debuts February 1, 2009, and trust us -- you don't want to miss it!

Chef Dave Fouts

After having weight loss surgery in 2002, Chef David Fouts quickly realized bariatric patients had no good resources for cooking advice. Using the skills he learned at the Florida Culinary Institute, Chef Dave began researching foods and taking the information offered by his dietician to develop pouch-friendly recipes and meal ideas that would make mealtime enjoyable again for other WLS patients.

Laura Preston

At 6'1", Laura Preston always felt like the "big girl". She did not let her size stop her from rising high in the ranks of Manhattan's beauty and fashion industry. But when her weight eventually reached 365 pounds, she new she had to make a change. After a gastric bypass in March 2005, Laura dropped more than 165 pounds, and discovered a new way of living. Now, she brings her wit and wisdom to viewers as host of The Big Do-Over, an upbeat program featuring fresh advice on beauty, fashion, fitness and living well after weight loss surgery!