Weight Loss Surgery Puts Kathleen Eads On A Healthy Path

Weight loss surgery provided Kathleen Eads with victory, ending the major struggle she faced against bad health. Here’s how she did it.

I have struggled with my weight for most of my life. And I tried all the weight loss programs – Weight Watchers, Fen-phen, etc. You name it, I tried it. I would lose weight only to gain back all that I’d lost, plus some more.

In 2006, I lost my mother. At the time of her death, she was taking 37 pills and a shot of insulin every day.  Most of her issues were obesity-related.  I decided pretty soon after that to do something about my weight.  I wanted to live as long as I could – but continuing on the path I was on only meant I had a lifetime of struggle ahead.

I interviewed several surgeons and finally found my match. My surgeon had been performing gastric bypass surgery for over 10 years.  His success rate was good, and his “cash-pay” price was about ten thousand dollars less than most of the surgeons in the Dallas area. I participated in a psychiatric evaluation, had some lab work done and then scheduled a surgery for August 1, 2007.

Surgery was on a Wednesday morning.  I was released from the hospital on Friday morning.  I came home on a full liquid diet, and then moved to pureed foods before eating solids after a month. I was anxious, nervous, and really starting to question what I had actually done.  But I healed up quickly and actually went back to work just 12 days after my operation.

The weight began to fall off quickly.  At my three-month follow-up appointment, I was down 65 pounds.  At six months, I had lost 100 pounds total.  By May 2008, I had reached my goal, having lost 130 pounds.  But I continued to stick to a weight loss plan, and continued losing.  The day before surgery, I weighed 280 pounds.  At my lowest point, I weighed 135.  And after meeting with a plastic surgeon, I decided I should probably put a few pounds back on, since I was starting to look hollow.

Even today I am religious about my eating plan, and I’m constantly aware of portion size. I watch how many carbs and fats I take in; the normal, suggested intake of fat is about 20 to 30 grams a day.  But I normally limit myself to roughly half that amount. And I consume protein first, vegetables second and then finally carbs, if there’s room. There hardly ever is, and so I avoid rice, bread, pasta and potatoes if I can help it.

Still, I love my new life. I now weigh 149 pounds and I’ve maintained this for nearly two years.  I feel fantastic, have an abundance of energy and am so glad I did this.

Kathleen Eads

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  1. sal

    Kathy, hun!
    Now, that’s what I call a meltdown! You look fabulous, but best of all, you are healthier!

  2. Tired of the Fat! Glad for the Tool!

    Congrat’s Kathy… I am six months out. Would love to hear what your daily food plan looks like….

  3. dixieladybug

    Hi there stranger. What a wonderful story you have. We miss you at RR. Come back for a visit. We need your great input. You are a great inspiration to all of us.

  4. Linda Hamblin

    Congrats Kathy I just had my surgery Jan 18th so about a month out. Your story is very encouraging. I too would love to see what your daily food plans look like. I think they will start me on hard foods Monday. I sure do hope so.

  5. mypookiesma

    Congratulations on your weight loss and getting healthier. I too lost my mom (Dec. 2007) and saw myself walking in her footsteps. She suffered 2 strokes, 3 heart attacks and finally kidney cancer. I am on numerous medications and insulin shots. I have battled my weight for 40 years and decided that it was time to get healthy so that I can see my 9 yr old son grow up.

    After a year of research, monitored diet and other requirements I have finally been approved for surgery. Today I got my date — March 18. I look forward to joining you in successful weightloss and a healthier future.

    Again, Congratulations and keep up the great work.
    Vickie (mypookiesma)

  6. Donna Keffer

    This is a great story. I know that once you have the surgery it is a live long thing that you have to keep up. I too had a mother that lived on medication for diabetes and had heart failure. I did not want to be like her or her family. I wish I would of had the surgery years ago, but it is never to late. I have my doctor’s appoint on May 2 and I am excited. It is nice to heard from people that have had the surgery so you do not feel like you are in it by yourself. Keep up the good work and thank you for your story and God bless.
    Donna Keffer

  7. "ditzy"

    CONGRATS Kathleen! You look INCREDIBLE!

    I am presently doing what it takes to qualify for a ByPass and am reading as
    much information and reviews as I can so that I will be an informed patient.

    I too would love to see a few samples of meals one might choose to reach
    goal. I realize each person is an individual as are their needs but just
    a “rough idea” would be appreciated.

    Like many patients, if not most, I want to become healthier. At 65 with
    many health problems such as type 2 Diabetes, I want to continue my life
    achieving a pretty normal lifestyle and if I look better, that will be a
    bonus. I want to witness my 2 grandsons growing up and very much be a
    part of their lives. In a “nut shell”, I want my life back and my dear
    husband wants his wife back as well!

    You are truly an inspiration! Keep realizing that you are important and
    it is YOU who makes the most difference in your life and how you live it.

    Continued Success!