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Weight loss surgery helped Annette Bulger lose 115 pounds. Read her story on the Weight Loss Surgery Channel.

On August 5, 2008, I had gastric banding surgery. I was 290 lbs., and now I am 175 lbs.

On January 27, 2008, my granddaughter was born and I went to Florida to see her. Well, four days after I got there, I ended up in the hospital – bronchitis, asthma and my allergies. The doctor there told me, “Annette, if you don’t get a handle on your weight, you’re going to be on oxygen in a few years.”


I came home, went to see my doctor and I told him what the doctor down in Florida had said. Well, he immediately had me go in for a “peak flow test” that measures the amount of oxygen, and then a sleep study. The peak flow test showed that my breathing was compromised by my weight, and the sleep study showed that I had moderate sleep apnea. My own doctor went one further, telling me that if I didn’t do something about my weight, I was going to be dead in a few years.

Well, I went home and got online and did research as to who would do weight loss surgery. I checked out the local hospitals. The one close to my house didn’t do it but a hospital close to Chicago did. I called the hospital and then went to a seminar. I decided that the surgery was the best thing for me. And from the time I started the process – seminars and tests – ‘til the time I had surgery was two months.

I went to see my surgeon the other day. He is very impressed with my weight loss. No other person a year out from surgery has lost almost all the weight they “had” to lose in a year.


Since surgery, I’m off of most of my medications, I’m eating healthier and my family and friends are extremely proud of me. But most of all, I’ve won the battle of obesity! I did the surgery for myself, most importantly. In the fall, I’m going to be going in for body contouring surgery – removing my excess skin with lifting, tucking, etc.

When I had surgery, I was in 26W-sized jeans and 3X tops. Now, I wear a size 14 regular jeans and my tops are medium.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story. Besides doing this for my health, if I can help just one person get their health back … it’ll all be worth it.

Annette K. Bulger

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  1. maria

    You look great. I am going for the gastric bypass and I am so ready. I have to do this for my health and your story just motivates me even more. thank you for sharing and you keep up the great job.

  2. Lin

    Perhaps someone can tell me a sucess story on how they got their insurance to cover their weight loss surgery. Congrats to you Annette you look fabulous. Lin

  3. Sue

    Your success story was great to read about. Whether you had the gastric bypass or the lap-band (like I did), you saved your life. And that is a monumental feat. Congratulations on your past success and as any tool for weight loss, keep fighting the battle!

  4. Sharon Hinshillwood

    Hi Annette how are you doing? I read your story and you look amazing. I know how hard it is to have this problem. I had wls surgery and gainned back 55 pounds. I am trying real hard to get it off. Seeing you and reading your story really inspired me to keep trying to get it off again. Take Care Sharon in N.J.

  5. Deborah Faulkner

    I am so proud of you. I had the Gastic Band Surgery on September 8th and have lost 28 lbs. as of 4 days ago on my doctor’s visit. I’m scared I will overeat even with the band. I am a nervous wreck!

  6. karen berg

    Dear Annette, I just read your story and I just wanted to say you look great ! I, had my GASTRICK BYPASS SURGERY 7 months ago in WITCHITA FALLS , TEXAS and I have now gotton rid of a little over 100 pounds and I feel so much better at my largest weight I was 340 pounds and now am at 235 , my surgon on 9-4-09 told me if by 12-4-09 I get down to 199 he will sceduale my tummy tuck and I am so ready ! Well just wanted to say I’m happy for you and if you or anyone ever wants to drop me a line , please feel free to. Later Karen

  7. Lisa Elliott

    Thank you for sharing you story, it is so motivating. I’m going in Oct. 7th for the Lap-band surgery, I’ve struggled with my weight for 15 years and my health is going down hill along with my body. So I’m doing this for my health and for myself so I will feel better and want to do fun things with my friends again. This weight has stopped me from doing activities with them, due to not being able to keep up with them on a hike or just walking to an advent. So Thank you again for telling your story, it has helped me know that this will change my life for the better.


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