Larry and Beth Tipton: Surgery Success

Larry and Beth Tipton had fun being big and jolly until the bill of health was past due. Today, after their weight loss surgeries, they feel new and improved.

We were like so many other obese couples. We were the “jolly” couple at any event.  Full of self-deprecating humor and ready to eat, drink and be happy. But we weren’t happy. We were dying.

At least we felt like we were. Beth’s blood pressure was barely manageable, and I had gotten so big that I was miserable. I seriously felt that I would be dead within a few years.


Then we found out that our insurance company had decided to include weight loss surgery in their covered surgeries. We did some research and found our local bariatric surgery center here in Savannah, Georgia. Memorial Health Bariatric has a good program, and we signed up right away.

I was over 310 pounds at five feet, six inches tall, and Beth was at 235 pounds and five feet, three inches tall.

We have been married for six years, and we do EVERYTHING together. So we decided that we should do this together too. We asked our surgeon if we could both have the surgery the same day, and while he thought that was a strange request, he agreed.

So, on December 16, 2008, we both had laparoscopic Roux en Y gastric bypass surgery. Our hospital stay was textbook – except for me having a small bleed into my pouch that didn’t require any intervention. It did, however, require for me to stay in the hospital one extra day. Beth was hospitalized for four days and I was there for five.

The day I got out of the hospital, Beth and I spent the day in the mall Christmas shopping! Then the next day, we drove 700 miles from Savannah to Arkansas for Christmas with our family.

We never had a minute’s problem with our recovery.

Beth has had one minor problem with an ulcer and now takes Nexium. But, that might not have been related to the surgery.

We recently went back for our six month check-up. Our labs were great and our weight was way down. Beth is down to just a water pill to control her blood pressure and I am completely off all meds except for vitamins. In fact, the surgeon told Beth that she had lost 80 percent of her excess body weight and he would be satisfied if she didn’t lose another pound. Of course, she isn’t satisfied yet.

I’ve lost about 60 percent of my excess body weight, from a high of 315 pounds to 200.8 pounds just this morning. I’m not ready to quit yet, either.


Even though we are just now coming up on our eighth month post-op, our life has changed SO much. We feel different, and we FEEL different (wink, wink, nod, nod). Plus, the little Piper Cherokee airplane that we own gets off the ground quicker and flies a little faster now!

We haven’t stopped losing yet, and by the time we get to our lowest weight I’ll bet we’ll be even more amazed with the changes in our lives.

Larry R. Tipton

3 Responses

  1. Larry Tipton

    18 month update… Larry 160 lbs. and Beth 137 lbs. I think we are about THERE!!!

  2. Larry Tipton

    December 16th 2011 will be 3 years post-op. We are still doing well. Thank you Dr. Wipple!!! Life is good…