WLS News – May 8, 2009

sonograms problematic for obese womenComing up in the May 8, 2009 edition of WLS News, we’ll tell you about a new research project on weight loss surgery for the super-obese underway in Switzerland that is yielding super results. Well also find out what your sonogram may not be telling you about your baby; examine whether or not exercise alone can help beat belly fat; and look into a weight loss “miracle medicine” with some frightening side effects. And, of course, our newscast would not be complete without a visit from WLS Journeys host Yvonne McCarthy, who stops by to fill us in on two exciting WLS information and support websites. Stay up to the minute on what’s happening in the weight loss surgery community — catch the latest edition of WLS News now!

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  1. Yvonne McCarthy

    Poo Poo’d ahahahahhaaaaaaaaaaa. Awesome job Leslie and wow…I had no idea about Xenical and Alli being the same but different strengths. Fortunately I’ve avoided that stuff because I was pretty scared of those side affects. I did notice the last Alli commercial I saw today didn’t have Wynonna so I’m wondering if she’s still the spokeswoman. Maybe it’s hard for her to film commercials because she’s in the bathroom a lot!

  2. Yvonne McCarthy

    I am proud that we featured the Nicholson Clinic. I think Dr. Nick is one of the best there is. Not only is Dr. Nick a surgeon that knows his stuff but he genuinely cares for his patients. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment!
    Blessings, Yvonne


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