WLS News – January 30, 2009

Host Leslie Thompson presents new research and human interest stories related to the treatment of obesity each week on WLS News!

wlsnews_armyIn the January 30, 2009, newscast, learn about a new weight loss treatment that doesn’t require surgery, find out how looking at DNA in children can forecast future obesity, discover what the Army is doing about overweight recruits, and hear why one man was told he was too fat to be a dad. Plus, we’ll have a special report from the Texas Weight Loss Surgery Summit, and WLS Journeys host Yvonne McCarthy will highlight one of her top picks for finding WLS information and support online in our weekly feature, “WLS on the World Wide Web”.

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5 Responses

  1. Duc Vuong

    Leslie looks HOT in fatigues! Watch out enemy insurgents!

  2. Michael Brandon

    Woo babe Les. Hot bod and hot attitude in those army fatigues.

    Well done WLS Channel on another full of variety, different styles of presentation, and interesting news. Sooo professionally put together.

    Leslie must be quite someone to be able to speak so well/remember lines etc for such a presentation. Its quite a skill.

  3. Kathy Fehlbaum

    GREAT G.I. Jane reporting!

    About “Too Fat to Be a Dad,” the ratio of children needing adoptive homes to parents willing to provide those homes is so high that to disqualify a home because one parent is morbidly obese is a crying shame!