WLS News – January 16, 2009

Each week, Leslie Thompson brings you up-to-date on the latest research and events related to the treatment of obesity on WLS News!

headache_smThe January 16, 2009, report includes a recent study on how nutritional deficiencies can cause brain damage in bariatric patients; good news about the effect of WLS on fatty liver disease; a tasty tidbit about an all-natural sweetener with zero calories and zero carbs; and a tip of the hat to Toledo’s new weight loss czar.

Plus, find out how you can meet the team from the Weight Loss Surgery Channel in person later this month. And, of course, WLS Journeys host Yvonne McCarthy will point viewers toward several fun WLS websites with recipes, articles and post-op support in our weekly feature, “WLS on the World Wide Web”. Click the screen below to watch now!

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Organizations mentioned in this week’s news:

3 Responses

  1. Ron Hekier, MD

    Great information in this news program. Great report on the reversal of fatty liver disease in people who lost weight with weight loss surgery. Yet another reason to consider surgery for those people who are seriously overweight. They may have medical problems such as fatty liver disease they might not even know about.