WLS News – February 13, 2009

Tune into WLS News each week for the new research findings related to the treatment of obesity and co-morbidities, as well as lifestyle stories that can help you stay on track toward weight loss success!

recession_bellyIn the February 13, 2009, newscast, learn about a new online support program  for Lap-Band patients, discover how growth hormone can help WLS patients retain healthy muscle post-op, and find out whether chili peppers hold the key to weight loss.

Plus, we’ll take a look at how the current economic recession is affecting our waistlines, and WLS Journeys host Yvonne McCarthy will spotlight one of her favorite websites for WLS information and support.

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Organizations mentioned in this week’s news:

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  1. Yvonne McCarthy

    Great job Leslie on all those hard to pronunciate words and names! Since I can’t eat spicy peppers maybe that explains part of my problem with obesity all those years. It did make me chuckle about the study in Louisiana (where I’m from originally). Any kind of study in Louisiana may be a bit skewed because they LIVE on chili peppers down there!


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