WLS News – April 3, 2009

In our WLS News report for April 3, 2009, find out about a gene that is turning carbs into fat; discover how prenatal exposure to the insecticide DDT may play a role in the obesity epidemic; and learn why Boston authorities are expressing concern about the weight of EMS recruits.

Plus, we’ll tell you what researchers have discovered about the health risks of even moderate obesity after reviewing data on nearly a million people, and explain how experiments on drugs for Parkinson’s disease may lead to the development of a medication to treat obesity. And our Internet gal-on-the-go, Yvonne McCarthy, will highlight a brand new social networking site specifically for weight loss surgery patients. Click the player below to see this week’s newscast!

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Organizations mentioned in this week’s news:

One Response

  1. Yvonne McCarthy

    Awesome job as always Leslie…wow you can pronounce stuff I can barely read! And now I know what my problem was…too much DDT!! That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!