WLS News – April 17, 2009

Obesity in OhioComing up on the April 17, 2009, edition of WLS News, we’ll take a look at how Ohio is taking action to shake its title of the 17th fattest state in the union, show you how a hormone that aids nursing mothers may be lowering metabolism and raising cardiac risks, and explain why being obese can kick off a case of Restless Legs Syndrome — and wreak havoc on your gums! Plus, we’ll report on a new effort by authorities in the UK to help healthcare workers shed extra pounds, and our wise Web guru, Yvonne McCarthy, has a great recommendation for a Website that follows one woman’s journey with weight loss surgery. You’ll find all this and plenty more in this week’s edition of WLS News. Click the player below to see the latest newscast!

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  1. Yvonne McCarthy

    Great Leslie…the beautiful and talented Leslie Thompson in her element! I suffered from restless leg syndrome for YEARS before I even knew what it was and finally found out after reading something in the newspaper. (Before internet) Tears streamed down my face with the hope of medication that would control this disorder. Being still even luckier, I had insurance that paid for a sleep study that revealed sleep apnea as well. Add those two and that’s a bad combination. I surely knew I was short on the dopamine! I was also pardoned by my father who thought I had simply been lazy because it was difficult for me to get up every morning. Thanks for covering this…it has made a huge difference in my life because this is under control! Blessings, Yvonne


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