WLS Journeys – Guest Shirley Mastenbrook

shirley mastenbrookIn the latest episode of WLS Journeys, host Yvonne McCarthy talks with Shirley Mastenbrook about the many life lessons she has learned since having weight loss surgery after she reached 264 pounds. Shirley shares about how she helped her husband feel comfortable with her decision to have bariatric surgery, and talks about the sometimes comical journey of life post-op, from tossing her size 22 duds to hiding excess skin and feeling like an imposter in her new, thinner frame. She also offers insights on how to manage life’s challenges without turning to food, and maintain the daily disciplines to stay on the road to success while living in the real world.

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3 Responses

  1. Claudio Procopio

    Here in brazil I follow the work of Yvonne McCarthy helping people have a new life. rebirth, love yourself, love others and life. be positive example to people.lose weight is gain life, gain joy,gain hope. The more a heart is empty,
    he weighs more … ”

    claudio procopio

  2. Louisa Latela

    Thanks for another fabulous WLS Journeys show Yvonne! Your presence in the weight loss surgery world is indeed a most healing and empowering energy. Your kindness, compassion, and authenticity shines through in all you do. Your words resonate with millions and serve to inspire hope and confidence in many who may have otherwise given up!! Thanks for being you!!
    All the Best!

  3. Mary Ann

    I was glad to hear Shirley’s daily food regimen. It gave me hope. I’m only 2 months out and seem to be eating the same things constantly. These stories are a real inspiration to me.