WLS Journeys – Guest Monica Martin

In the latest episode of WLS Journeys, host Yvonne McCarthy talks with Monica Martin, a hurricane Katrina victim who is not much of a victim after all. Monica describes her emotional roller coaster when she almost lost her son during her pregnancy due to her extreme weight. She also explains the setback of her surgery due to the loss of her home to Katrina. Monica reveals how her own harsh criticisms of herself affected her, and how she overcame those criticisms to achieve true happiness. Click the player below to see Monica’s inspirational story full of trials and victories.

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2 Responses

  1. Monica

    OMG!! I love it!!! It has been a long time coming!!! Great job guys!!! Thank you again Yvonne you are still my inspiration!! Visit http://www.modelmayhem.com\lailamonet or facebook.com/lailamonet for more up to date photos of me and to follow me.

  2. Mark W Hall

    Great show for all who are thinking about WLS or who have had it.This is my fiest time watching the show. I can see how it can motovate people.I started my journey on March1 2011,I did 14 weeks of Optifast Dietand lost 77lbs. Had Gastic Bypass on June 7 and now down 90lbs.I started at 440lbs now down to 350lbs,Drs are happy,they want me to loss 3to5 lbs a week,so far I have.Joining a gym at Hostipal of Special Care,in 2 weeks when the pool reopens,as I need the water to get better excerise.I’ve got a fused leg and shreded rotator cuff,that makes regular excerise tuff and pianful.But with all the new energy I have,I can’t wait to start!!!!