WLS Journeys – Guest Gina Robinson

In the latest episode of WLS Journeys, host Yvonne McCarthy talks with Gina Robinson, a hospice nurse who once weighed 340 pounds. Although she dropped 150 pounds after weight loss surgery, went off insulin completely, and was a regular at support group meetings, Gina later regained 60 pounds and found her life was once again heading in the wrong direction.

gina_robinsonGina’s story of losing her way on the road to health is one ever WLS patient can identify with, and her determination to get back on track will cheer and inspire you. Click the video player below to hear Gina’s humorous take on the roller-coaster ride of post-op life, from her struggle to deal with people sabotaging her success to her own tendency to test the waters, and her renewed will to fight for lasting health and happiness.

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18 Responses

  1. Gina Robinson

    Thanks Yvonne, Craig, Leslie and all for allowing me to have so much FUN!!! I hope we can reach at least that ONE person out there who may be struggling, with regain, like I was. You guys are just THE BEST!!

  2. Lynnette

    You both not only look professional on camera, but so beautiful! They say the camera adds 10lbs but not the case here! You both look so skinny! Gina you always make me smile and being a Hospice nurse you are such an angel to so many.

  3. DC

    Yvonne, you are a great interviewer; Gina, you are a hoot!

    I think you are both “poster girls”—and not just for the WLS community.

    All the best to both of you and your future plans. DC

  4. TerryT

    Yvonne – you are so great as an interviewer!! GINA!!! My beach bum sistah – MWAH!!! wonderful story and very inspiring!!

  5. CajunGirl

    Gina, you rock sweetie! Thanks for your insight and inspiration; your humor made my day! Yvonne, as always you share yourself to so many. Thanks to both of you for being you. ~~ Dana ~~

  6. Nina

    How awesome! I laughed alot!! Gina your honesty is incredible!! I applaud you!!!
    The nature of your work is not easy. You aren’t the “Angel of Death” you are the Angel of Comfort and the Cupid of Humor.

    I am blessed to know you and call you friend.



  7. Yvonne McCarthy

    Thanks to everyone for showing the love. Gina missed her calling as a stand up comic! I still am in awe of her passion for her job. She brings so much experience to the table and I’m still laughing about when she explains how much she lost at the gym!

  8. Debra Flores

    Gina and Yvonne you women are awesome…thanks for being out there for all of us… love you both keep p the good work…

  9. Marilyn

    I really appreciated this video. I, too, am 51 years old and a Hospice nurse. I have been struggling to lose this last 29 pounds since having to be off work for spinal fusion and rotator cuff repair. you have given me hope…and humor.

  10. Sabrina

    Love this. :))
    thanks for being out there for all of us

    I really love watching these. 😀

  11. Duc Vuong

    Yvonne, great job. fun to watch. when do i get to come on your show and jump on your couch ala Tom Cruise?

  12. Yvonne McCarthy

    Doc V. you are toooooooooo funny. I’ll bet you keep your patients in stitches! NO I DIDN’T JUST SAY THAT!!! Ok, I couldn’t help myself.

  13. Danny


    very inspiring and being your brother I’m very proud of you and how you took control, Richard did care, but he is the type to not want to rock the boat. I’m always a phone call away..

  14. David


    The whole family salutes your accomplishment! Being one of my most head strong siblings I know you can do anything you put your mind to, but a Marathon! All I can say is – GO GIRL!

  15. ginny dobbins

    Hi Yvonne! Lost your e-mail. Contact me – have something to tell you. g