WLS Journeys – Guest Debra Flores


In the first episode of the uplifting new series WLS Journeys, host Yvonne McCarthy talks with Debra Flores, a 10 year veteran of two weight loss surgeries. After her first weight loss surgery, a vertical gastric banding procedure, Debra suffered from severe dumping syndrome which led to malnutrition. After a rigorous search for a weight loss revision surgeon, Debra had a Roux-en-Y gastric bypass and achieved weight loss success. Through Debra’s inspirational story, she offers hope and words of encouragement to those in all stages of their weight loss journey.

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21 Responses

  1. Gina Robinson

    Absolutely fabulous interview!!!! For someone who doesn’t like “talking about herself” Debra did an awe-inspiring job. I have known her for years, but just learned so MANY things about her I never knew. This website is going to be SOOOOOOOOOOOO wonderful for so many people.

  2. Monica

    This was great!!! I can’t wait to see more!!! I am soooooooo excited!!

  3. Gaye Tindel

    Debra and Yvonne – fab – This was wonderful. You both did such an amazing job. I am proud of you.

  4. Ramon Lopez

    I am proud to call these two ladies my best friends.. I love you both.. Thank you for all you have done.. You two have brought me from the depths of hell..

  5. Kathy

    You are a total inspiration to us all, Yvonne! I have only begun my journey being less than 4 months out, but I will continue to look up to you! Congrats on your show! I loved it! Thanks!

  6. Liz

    Great job ladies, inspiring as always. Im proud to call you both my friends, and sisters 🙂
    love you!

  7. Martitalinda

    Excellent job. You are both great sources of inspiration to me and to so many others. What a wonderful way to pay it forward.

  8. Laura Preston

    My two beautiful friends. You are both so inspirational and amazing. I just finally sat down and TOOK the time to watch this….and you are both truly amazing. I am so proud to know you and have you in my circle. This is such a gift for the community. Everyone needs to realize how blessed we are to have to have two amazing women like you out there paying it forward!!

    Congratulations on a job well done!!!

    Laura Preston

  9. Jill


    Ramon (UJ) lol… uh oh.. I am in trouble now……. lol… is such an incredible man!! He really is. The interview was AMAZING! It touched my heart/soul/spirit in ways that were so moving and almost painful at times.. yet, inspiring too. Ramon you are a gift to all that have had this surgery and all that are waiting to have this surgery. You are also a gift to life in general. What you did for your family was above and beyond what most would have done.

    I thank you for the courage you bestowed upon us. It really made me take a cold hard look at some of the things that I need to face, but also some of the wondeful ‘strides’ I have made and sometimes (often) forget and do not give myself credit for.

    I am so glad and grateful that you have entered my life and hope that you are a part of it for a long time.

    with hugs and friendship,



  10. marianacc

    Yvone. thanks so much for doing this. this a great help for me that i`m begining “the real life” honey moon its over now. trying so hard to lose the last 20 lbs. and I`m so scared to lose control `cuz i`m just 23 Years old. and this kindda stuff help me out to keep on track. because we don´t have support groups here in mexico so any help and support I can get online its just great!!
    congrats!! and thankyou. lol

  11. Coach Jeff Cadwell


    You are in your element and should be so proud of your new venture!

    Your enthusiasm and passion for the Weight Loss Surgery community shows through with every episode.

    I look forward to future episodes!!

    Life Coach Jeff Cadwell

  12. Yvonne McCarthy

    Jeff, that means so much coming from you. I value your opinion and I’m pleased you had a chance to check out the show. I hope you’ve gotten a chance to see Ramon’s too since you’ve had Ramon, Debra and I on your radio show. There’s the latest one too with Gia and you’ll really laugh at the funniest post-op I know. Thanks again so much!

  13. Tom Smythe

    I watched the Ramon journey. I broke down and cried my heart out. I haven’t done that in a long time not even at my niece’s funeral. At my nieces funeral they played the very same song Angel, she was special and had a way of reaching out to me like nobody. What you have accomplished Ramon is fantastic. Not only your weight loss but the kids. Thank you for the heads up on things
    such as the possiblity of cross addictions and second attention. I work at a prison that treats drug addicts. I understand what you went through. But your beating it. How remarkable it must be at the end of the day before you go to bed be able to look in the mirror and love who you see.

    I am booked for RnY this July 7 2009, BMI of 44.2 322 lbs on a 5’11” frame (I checked Ramon!). Con dios todo es posible si! Gracias para esta video!

  14. Yvonne McCarthy

    Tom, what an awesome thing to say about Ramon. Good luck on 7/7/09. I think you’ll be shocked at this next statement. July 7th is Ramon’s surgery date too. Wow….some things are just hard to explain and obviously this was meant to be!

  15. RAMON


    First of all congrats on the surgery date.. As Yvonne mentioned we will be surgery twins.. I hope that we my helping you along you will be successful..

    I have to say that the interview was one of the toughest things that I have ever done.. It has to rank right up there with a speech I gave last week dealing with the fact that I had started drinking again, after 15 years of sobriety, I am currently on day 8 of sobriety and am working hard to kick my demons.. I am here for you and my personal email address is thesadclown3753@yahoo.com it may take me while to answer but I will.. Email me if you need to anytime..

    Also surround yourself with a good support system, because I know that I would not be where I am today without them.. I am blessed man.. Also TAKE YOUR VITAMINS not Flintstones.. I know this firsthand because my best friend is dealing with vitamin issues and it is not pretty.. If you haven’t seen her show her name is Debra Flores..

    Also if you need another man’s opionin you can contact Sean Nichols at sean.nichols2207@sbcglobal.net He is a great support group leader..

    BTW where are you located?

  16. Pam

    I had a gastric bypass almost 4 yrs ago. My problem is that I have gained back 50 pounds. No matter what I do I could not find anything so I can lose that weight.I need help bad or some kind of support.
    Pam angelrose55@aol.com

  17. Beth

    Pam…. I also regained… it’s such a cycle.

    How are you eating?


  18. Ramon

    I know several that have regained I am the oppisite I had to put on weight. I got down to 160 and I lloked like I was on crack. My suggestion is going back to the basics. Protien first, taking your vitiamns and of course changing up your water intake and exercise routine.I know several that have done that and it helped them get back on track. Also never forget where you came from that helps me.

  19. Ellie

    Hey Debra, I am really wanting to get back into the swing of things and start taking better care of myself. I am interested in joing your support group. Can you send me info when and where you meet? Thanks, Ellie O’Day going on 6yrs now.