Weight Loss Surgery News – July 10, 2009

In the July 10, 2009 edition of WLS News, find out how long post-op weight loss surgery patients should be concerned about blood clots, and why lower-income patients are least likely to have life-saving bariatric surgery. Plus, we'll explain how a woman's choice to have weight loss surgery prior to pregnancy can reduce the risk of obesity in her children, and tell you about some tasty new vitamin treats. Click the link to see all these stories and more in this week's newscast!

Weight Loss Surgery News – July 3, 2009

In the July 3, 2009 edition of WLS News, learn why breakfast really is the most important meal of the day when it comes to keeping off extra weight. Plus, discover the super fat-burning ingredient in your kitchen pantry, learn how obesity affects your brain, and find out the secret to longevity for people with a higher BMI. It's all in this week's newscast -- click the link to watch now!
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90 Seconds to Success – Moving Toward Honesty

Moving Toward Honesty. Telling a little white lie can seem harmless enough, and we've all fibbed at some point in our lives. But today, host Craig Thompson cautions viewers about the danger of bending the truth. He notes that if we don't take responsibility for our actions, how can we ever improve? Craig encourages viewers to celebrate their successes, while also owning up to their shortcomings, so they can accurately asses their true progress.