Melting Mama Wants You Hot and Sweaty

In the latest episode of Melting Mama’s Reality Bites, WLS veteran and popular YouTube personality Beth Sheldon-Badore encourages viewers to get moving post-op, even if your stitches are still smarting from surgery. Plus, she’ll take a swig of a new liquid protein supplement and let you know whether it really tastes like fruit punch or…well, you’ll just have to tune in. And, of course, Beth closes out the show with her trademark rant straight from the heart. Why are you still reading? Click on the player to see what Melting Mama’s got in store!

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77 Responses

  1. Elissa

    Hi MM! Coincidentally enough, I did my 30 minutes today. I walked on the treadmill and felt stronger than I have since before surgery (I’m one month post-op). I’ve exercised two other times since my surgery but today was definitely my strongest day yet. I even did some strength training for my back because it has become weak from being off my feet for the most part of the last month. I felt great during and right after my workout but it is now 3 1/2 hours since my workout and I am exhausted! I guess I should add that I went to the grocery store and did a full shopping directly after my workout and carried half the bags up a flight of stairs (thankfully I left the other half for my husband to deal with).

    I have to say that I LOVE protein bullets – such an easy way to get tons of protein in and they actually taste good to me (I can’t stand isopure – isopure actually tastes like baby vomit to me no matter how much ice I put it with). I put my fruite punch bullets on plenty of ice and it’s not bad (to me).

    I also just want to mention really quickly that I believe we both had our surgeries at Tufts NEMC – my surgeon is Dr. Tarnoff. I love Tufts and all the peops there – they are wonderful!

    This was a great episode – I also LOVE your “fat head” episode – I don’t have to worry about that yet, but it’s one of my greatest worries that I will lose all this weight and still be unhappy with myself – I really don’t want that to happen.

    Last comment – I cook for my husband all the time; what is so great about MY new lifestyle is that it has motivated me to cook healthier for him too and to do my part in ensuring that my husband eats as healthy as possible. We just entered our 30’s and he too is realizing that he is not immortal – he can’t eat whatever he wants. So we are taking this opportunity to be HEALTHY together.

    Thanks for the great episode – I look forward to the next one!

    Cheers, Elissa

  2. Lynn Boutilier

    Exercise, my not so favorite topic. I know it needs to be done but its cold outside and I’m tired from work and I need to make dinner and pick up the kids. Isn’t this the second time Borat has guest starred? Something going on there! You’re right about the exercise though – I keep telling myself to get it moving, I really do feel better after. Good Job!

  3. Tara

    Hey beth! Great video. I hate those bullets. And if I remember correctly, you had a great name for them. Though this may not be the forum for that. Anyhow, is this where I sign up for the chike drawing?? I got the samples. LOVE them! I had the banana sample today. made it extra thick and at it with a spoon like ice cream…. mmmm. Please don’t make me buy it. SEND ME A TUB!!!

  4. April

    Great video. I always enjoy watching!! I’ve tried the grape version of the Liquid protein, and I didn’t think it was that bad. It was really cold though. Anyway thanks so much for your advice!!

    Oh, and I hope I am entered in the Chike contest!! 🙂

  5. Christine

    O my gosh this was awesome. I found out through your youtube! glad to have this bookmarked now!!

  6. Samantha

    Great webisode! Each one gets better and better. I’m glad you were so very upfront about the new whey test tubes. They are awful. I think back to the first few weeks post-op, chocking them down. It was sooo bad.

  7. Dena Waskiewicz

    Totally enjoyed this! You’re right, those around me don’t need to suffer through eating what I eat, or the amounts that I eat. My coworkers used to apologize for eating cake, candy, donuts, etc., around me until they got used to me saying, “I CHOOSE not to eat that. Your eating it is OKAY with me, trust me!” My family got over it quick! I prepare food for them and sometimes prepare myself something different if what they’re having isn’t the best option for me. Or, I eat a small portion of what I’ve prepared for them, making sure I stay on my program.

  8. Janell

    Love your presentation. I agree about the bullets. I have three sitting in my fridge right now and need to use them! I also want to register to win the Chike. I just received my free samples in the mail and am excited to tr them.

  9. Anastasia

    You’re so freekin’ FUNNY!!!

    FWIW, I have heard the Grape Flavor of that liquid you reviewed tonight was the only “good” flavor (just in case you wish to subject yourself to pre-digested baby vomit again ::gg::) but somehow I am happy that I DIDN’T order it now!! THANKS!!!

    Great episode!!!

  10. Connie R.

    I just Love Watching you, Thank’s for the great show, please keep posting them on your OHelp site so I can keep watching, I Always learn so much !!!
    Huggs Connies_cakes

  11. MJ

    Wow, that was the first time I watched – now the site is in my favorites. I like the comment about hula-hooping with a 6 year old – only I will do it with a 54 year old!!! LOL I love my Wii, but slipped away – and now thanks for the re-inspiration!

  12. Cami Richardson

    Ha! Ha! Ha! “Those bullets look like a lot more fun than they are” YOU ARE A HOOT! Love the show!

  13. Charl'e

    Beth, Thanks for posting a link on OH about this. I love it! It’s cute and helpful at the same time. I am one year out and I really need to get exercising. You really helped motivate me. I know I will feel better if I just get up and MOVE. Even if it’s a few minutes here and there. I love the part about walking around the couch. That is what I did when I got home after surgery. I look forward to the next episode. Thanks for posting and letting us kmow when it’s out.

  14. Amy aka wdsDarlin

    Hi Beth!

    I normally watch you on YouTube and apparently was behind on the happenings of this WLS channel. Thanks for letting us know about it! It seems like a really great tool! I have bought quite a few of the bullets but for some reason, I just can’t bring myself to try them. I also hope to enter into the Chike contest. I ordered the sample pack a few days ago after watching your re-review of them. Thanks!

  15. beth

    Thanks everybody. 😡 RE: the bullets. I have a different word for them, however this is a family (sorta) show. 🙂

  16. Michael_S

    Hi Beth!

    Overall a great episode! I have a few comments!

    Remember that it’s “Gastric Banding” not the Lap-Band or Lap-Banding. The Lap-Band is a brand name. (Can you tell that I have the Realize Band and it’s a peeve of mine? I’m proud to have a Realize Band!)

    I’m glad you addressed exercise! Walking is always a good way to start! I remember (It’s only been a few weeks) walking the halls a lot in the hospital.

    I am VERY glad you mentioned the bullets. I am glad that you told people to talk to their nutritionists regarding these products. The type of protein that is in these bullets is NOT very digestible and the 42g for an RNY patient probably does not end up being very much in the end (and they taste bad). Even with my banding my nutritionist does not recommend them. Whey Protein Isolate all the way for the highest bio-availability.

    I loved your rant at the end! I have already had people ask me how I can cook for my family while eating something different. I just do! I’m not going to have my wife and son eat what I do. They did not have WLS and there is no way that they could eat the amounts that WLS patients do and stay sane. Although, my family is eating “healthier” (Ground turkey instead of 80/20 ground beef, Soy Crisps instead of Chips…etc) but those are small “healthy” changes… not the drastic change in eating that comes with WLS. If only I had fine China I would eat my protein out of it! I would drink my protein shakes (yup, we bandsters drink ’em too) out of a golden goblet!

    “Girls… they are not as fun as they look…” do you mean that the BOBs (Battery Operated Boyfriends) are better? *AHEM I saw you crack up after you said that! I think curiosity may have gotten to you!

    On a technical note: When there is a “cut-away” to an image with sound, the sound is typically 50-100% louder than your voice and gets a little annoying. It’s like the ads on the TV that blast your ears and you try to turn down the volume in time.

    Again, overall a great episode Beth! Keep them coming!


  17. Jackie Stott

    New to all this WLS talk. Heard a lot about protein. Really enjoy your sense of humor. Hope to hear more from you. Jackie

  18. Moondancer2000

    Hi Beth, great episode. I dread the “E” word too! If it were that easy I wouldn’t have WLS next month. I know it IS easier when I don’t weigh as much as 5 of my 6 year old. Then when you hit upon making dinner for the family …OMG!!! I have so been worrying about that. See, my family didn’t eat to live, they lived to eat!! Every event in our home centered around food and damned good food too!! How do you tell a Chinese woman to NOT eat rice?!?!?!?! But I will learn, my family will learn that I am learning. I will still have to cook for my three teens, my 6 year old and my very fit active duty Army Hubbins. They have to eat, now will I start using whole wheat pasta?? I sure will. Even now we only have double fiber wheat bread. Wheat tortillas, clean protein, lots of veggie are now the norm in our home. Food has been MY issue and I now will have a great tool to help me deal with it and hopefully I will be able to keep up with my kids and younger hubby.

  19. Yvonne McCarthy

    LOVE LOVE LOVE (said in my best Oprah voice) my Wii Fit!!!! My newest good addiction and I can even do the hula hoop on that. Don’t let anyone kid you that you can’t work up a sweat because it’s an excellent form of exercise. Excellent description of the bullet…some like it but I can’t do it.

  20. Kelly

    Thanks for the tip on using IE to view the vid…that worked!

    Predigested baby formula sounds about like what the apple flavored whey drink I tried today tasted like. Ugh.

  21. Elizabeth

    Great episode, Beth! I need to get off my butt and exercise more! I completely agree with you about the protein bullets though! UGH they are awful! I love that you talked about cooking for your family. It was very hard for me at first to cook things for them I couldn’t eat. But eventually I realized I was making them suffer because of me. Fixed that now! Can’t wait until the next show!

  22. Cindy OBrien

    I almost spewed coffee all over my ‘puter screen when you gagged on that protein bullet! Thanks for the laugh, I did the same thing once during a pre-op ed class and was mixing protein shakes for the patients. Pre-digested baby vomit – right on target. LOL

  23. Melissa

    LOL@ us women knowing what the protein bullets look like! I’ve used them on occaison, and the only one I can tolerate is the grape, and I mix it with an equal amount of lite grape or cran/grape juice.

    Love, love, love your show!

  24. Rhonda

    Beth – This is the first episdoe that I’ve seen and I really enjoyed it. I’ve always enjoyed your blog and posts – love the sarcasm! I especially loved your rant – it reminds me that I need to adjust, not my family. Thanks!

  25. natasha

    hello!…this was actually my first time watchin….i learned of it from the obesity help forum and decided to come over and check it out….i really enjoyed it and thought it was very informative…i glad i checked it out….i’ll be back for sure!

  26. CJ

    Best episode yet – you’re really finding your groove, girl. And thanks for brining up the whole issue of collagen – every time I go to support group I have to steer some uneducated post-opper away from that mess!! Love your approach to the truth.

    PS – Hope I win the Chike!!! :>)

  27. Cindy Gray

    Hi Beth. I am regestering for the Chike. I wanted to get that in first since the rest is going to be long winded. I hope you read the rest. You are so down to earth real. I have been watching your videos on youtube since last september and you tell it like it is. You were my first saved subcription.
    I have not had surgery yet, I am still doing my mandatory diet and the “e” word with my pcp per my insurance company. You were my turning point for have RNY. I was still kind of scared about it until I saw your videos about the good and the bad of having wls. You said even though you had had such a rough time you would still have had the surgery because of the life you did have in return. I am 52 years old and feel like a groupy. Yaa…Beth. But seriously you talk to us about the reality of living after wls. I loved it when you went live on Reality bites.
    I favorited it on the first video. You were great. What I want for future shows is just be you as always and have them do some close ups of your beautiful face. Sometimes your expressions say a million words which just crack me up. I hope you will continue on YouTube also.
    Thank you for all your help.
    Cindy Gray

  28. jenniferhenry

    thank you so much! beth for your t.v show on the bullet.
    finally you given me more info to look forward to stay healthy and live healthier.
    and the fact my family can enjoy a healthy dinner as well as i can too i’m also at youtube if you remember me “jenniferhenry35”

    thanks a million.

  29. Diane

    Hi Beth…another great episode!! I was watching it & felt it was focused 100% on ME!! I just had surgery 3/2 & definitely need to walk more (hate exercise),and I do feel very tired most of the day! Also bought a few “bullets” & hate them…will try mixing them like you suggested–ugghh!!
    You are doing a great job & I can’t wait for the next episode!! Diane

  30. Yutairui

    Great show!!!!
    And you also gave me a spelling lesson…it’s exercise. And here I was thinking it had always been “ecch”xercise.

  31. Carolyn M.

    Great Show….as usuall. 😀 I have been excising more and feeling better for it. Yeah Me! I would love to be entered in your contest. Never know..Maybe one day I will win one. 😀 Keep up the great work with the shows. I love them. Hugs.

  32. beth

    Thanks everybody! Anybody who posts will be entered for the Chike contest. I’ll draw names in a couple days. 🙂 Send this to your friends!

  33. Ashley Robinson

    I am still pre-op, and all of the information you provide is so helpful. Especially product reviews…they help me know what to stay away from lol.

  34. Melinda

    I just now realized why I vomited so much after surgery! I needed an exorcism! That’s it… Linda blair had nothing on me, sister!

    Great show! Hilarious! Loved the Exorcist clip.

  35. Jolene

    Loved the video…..made me want to get up and move….hope you have a great day!!!

  36. Maria Smith

    Great show, MM! I totally agree with you about the whole eating normal thing. My family still gets to chow down on pizza while I eat my itsy bitsy salad. But it’s ok, I don’t mind.

  37. Tony

    Thanks for doing the product review in this episode. I am 1 week out (pre-op) and looking into a lot of products to help keep the protien up. I sure don’t want to drink “pre-digested baby vomit.” I’ll stick with the shakes and the Isopure clear protien for now. Love your show and your site. It seems like I’m one of the few men who visit. Or maybe we (as a gender) just don’t comment too much.

  38. Denae Arnold

    I love your show! I watch every episode! Thank you for keeping us informed of new products and how to maintain a healthy lifestyle after WLS!

  39. Amy

    I just love your show! I have watched all of the episodes and will continue watching them. Thank you for the product review today. I have one of those bullets in my fridge as we speak… I had taken one tiny little swallow and almost barfed… now I know it is going to the garbage can (well, I may save the container for…. ???) Tee Hee!! Maybe you could do a show about the different types of protein and how we know if we are getting the right kind? I know the names on the labels can be tricky… just what I need is someone to “trick” me into eating the wrong stuff! LOL LOL
    Thanks again MM.

  40. Mary G

    Hi loved your energy. I need to excercise more and you helped me to get motivated today. I am in the process of trying to get approved but have lost 121 lbs on my own. It took me five years. I know how important it is to excercise. With winter so long, I need motivation. Thanks for that!

    I am looking forward to my next journey. I do have a gym I can go to, this winter I have not been there. I will!

    Mary G

  41. Denae Arnold

    I love your show! I always learn so much when I watch you. I know that we are living each adn every day as a WLS person. So having reminders on how to make life easier helps. Also, I have learned so many things from you and others on this website. I love it!

  42. Michael_S

    Great show Beth – I’m trying this without the website… sigh I had a lot of great comments. I hope you still get them all!

  43. Melody

    I loved the review of the protein bullets, rofl. Glad I haven’t tried those but I have tried a few other protein supplements that tasted just as bad, yuck!

  44. Michael_S

    Well, I guess I’ll rewrite the comments:

    Overall a great show! I just have a few comments:

    Remember it’s Gastric Banding, not the “Lap-Band” or “Lap-Banding”. The “Lap-Band” is a brand name (Can you tell it’s a peeve of mine?). I have the Realize Band and proud of it!

    I love the E word! For us bandsters it is VERY important. My NP told me for bandsters it’s 33.33% nutrition, 33.33% restriction and 33.33% exercise to achieve our weight loss goals! Walking is always an easy way to start (I just can’t wait until the weather gets better!).

    I’m very glad you mentioned the protein bullets. I particularly liked the part about talking to your nutritionist before having them. The protein in them is NOT very bio-available (I believe most of them are collagen protein). My nut recommends that even bandsters stay away from them. I was told to always read the label and look for Whey Protein Isolate as the source of protein. If you see multiple source of protein, ask the company to find out the % from each source.

    So… these bullets are not as fun as they look huh? Do you mean that BOBs are more fun? (Battery Operated Boyfriends). I cracked up after you said that. It sounds like curiosity may have gotten to you. I saw you laugh really hard after saying that comment.

    I loved the rant at the end. I do the cooking here at home and there is no way I would make my family eat what I do! They didn’t have the surgery and it would be cruel to try to make them eat like me. On a positive note I am more aware of what I am making and they are getting “healthier choices” (Such as ground turkey instead of 80/20 beef, and pistachio and soy crisps instead of potato chips). I love you talking about baby spoons/bowls. I would drink my protein shake(s) out of a golden goblet if I had one!

    I also just ordered the BSN desert shakes because I have heard people rave about them (maybe that could be a future product test!).

    On a technical note: When the video cuts away to an image with sound, the sound level is about 100% higher than your voice. This can get really hard on the ears! It’s like when you watch TV and the circuit that is supposed to lower the ad volume doesn’t work and you have to reach for the remote to turn down the volume as fast as you can!

    Keep the shows coming Beth! You are doing great!

    — Michael_S (From the OH website)

  45. Kayce

    I mix the bullets with SF Jello for an easy whey (pun) to get the protein without the YUCK!

  46. Jody

    Yet another refreshing video packed full of valuable insight! Thanks rock!!
    I LOVE the comment for the girls with the bullet! LOL

  47. MacMadame

    Personally, I find that the people who are made uncomfortable by the way I eat are made that way because of their own issues and not anything I do. I just eat my food. I don’t comment on their food or their quantities. Yet, they feel compelled to comment on mine. Not much I can do about that, IMO.

  48. mm


    I get you, and just doing your own thing is really a good way to go. In my house it’s bizarre because both of us have had WLS. So, my kids have grown up in this odd set up of mom and dad eating like preschoolers. That too, is not the best. *sigh*

  49. Jandell

    Oh my God! Why do I even try to drink while watching your show? I spit a mouthful of water all over my screen when you said “Girls, looks like a lot more fun than it actually is!” Dang, I was hoping batteries were included.

    Great show, thanks for doing them, your wonderfu;!

  50. Rachael

    I’m about 2 months from a RNY and am so happy I found you through OH. Your insights and reviews have given me some understanding of the massive rearranging of my guts I am about to do. And thanks for the protein bullet review, I would rather hear about how horrible they are from someone else rather than try them myself. 🙂

  51. Allison

    I’m glad you are talking about exercise this week because I am really focusing on it right now. I’m still making it a habit ,but I’m geting there. It really can lift your mood(which I never thought was possible with exercise lol). Thanks for a fun show and I love the graphics!

  52. Shawna

    Another great episode!! I absolutely love the chike, I ordered the free samples you spoke of. All but that orange. Cannot do orange! Keep up the good work!!

  53. Barbara


    This is just getting to be so routine for you, great episode! Hmmm those bullets look like something more fun, what on earth were you talking about!
    I actually disliked them, made other people drink the ones I bought. What a business, everything is sold in cases to “gastric bypass pts” the people who take 3 days to eat a single serving, let’s make them buy 12 servings at a time.
    Enjoyed the show, keep them coming!


  54. Larry Tipton

    My Beth and I bought a protein bullet just to try one afternoon… We were driving home from the store and decided to give it a try while driving!!! BIG MISTAKE!!! I wonder if you can sue a company for making a product that who’s taste is so disgusting that it caused a car accident??? We didn’t crash, but we could have… As I said in one of our youtube videos,”… it tasted like panther piss!!!” (No I don’t know what panther piss tastes like, but you get the idea…)

    Your shows are great!!!

  55. mm

    Isopure Plus is available online – Google “CWI Medical” – they have it. Also, Netrition has it, with super shipping rates. Also, Amazon, and some grocery-type shops have picked it up.

  56. Need2dosomething

    Great show, I had no idea these exist. Thanks for sharing it with us! 🙂

  57. Kathi

    Hey Beth, Again you have done it. Great job, as ususal!

  58. Kathi

    Beth, it is so great to watch you! You are so down to earth and you keep it real! Thanks for all you do.

  59. Liz

    You are so great! I really enjoy all of the information you give on how to live after weightloss surgery. Thank you!

  60. Tracy

    Great episode! I’m 5 1/2 months out and haven’t been exercising as much as I could have been. I really needed this bit of motivation 🙂

    And I LOVE the Chike! Ordered the samples you recommended from their website and it was much better than some of the protein drinks I’ve been choking down.

  61. Karen

    I’m 5 weeks out and still haven’t really gotten into exercise yet. I want to but haven’t been able to motivate myself. Of course, I’m coming from a wheelchair and that makes it a little harder. I do have a treadmill though so I need to get off my butt and use it. Thanks for the show.
    Please send me some free Chike.

  62. Jackie

    Your vids make me laugh and have a lot of great info. Thanks for taking the time to make them for us!

  63. mm

    I’m Chike chugging today. Something has got to get me going, and it’s not going to be a bullet. LOL.

  64. Kim H.

    I’d love a chance to win some protein supplements – this stuff isn’t cheap! I thought that my grocery bill might go down post op, but I find with all the protein supplements and vitamins – they actually went up. 🙂

  65. Sarahwww

    Yeah, exercise. Thank you for broaching the subject with great humor–please keep working it, it may eventually kick in. LOL. I enjoyed the Chike( how do you say that–one syllable or two) samples.
    Thanks for all the encouragement.

  66. Watty

    Love this! The little images to the side were cracking me up too. You rock woman

  67. mm

    Chike is one syllable. It’s like a exclamation!! LOL.

    Okay, going to pick winners now!

  68. mm

    1. Brittany Bennett Says:
    March 11th, 2009 at 9:50 pm

    2. Maria Smith Says:
    March 12th, 2009 at 8:10 am

    Winners, please email me at and we’ll get the Chike out to you! Your choice of flavors!