Melting Mama Teaches the Art of Camouflage

Beth Sheldon-Badore, known to fans in the WLS community as “Melting Mama”, tackles the topic of camouflaging extra skin in the latest episode of Melting Mama’s Reality Bites. Post-op viewers will definitely appreciate her tips for dealing with the awkward transition period as you’re losing large amounts of weight, from managing your wardrobe to hiding unsightly flaps and folds. Plus, she’ll turn you on to a tasty protein drink with a little extra kick, before closing out the show with some thoughts about the many ways in which people commemorate reaching their weight loss goal, from tattoos to trophies. Click on the player to see what Melting Mama’s got in store, and be sure to share your thoughts in the Comments box below!

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35 Responses

  1. mm

    LOL. After this – I repierced my nose. LMFAO. But, I still stand by the whole tramp stamp thing.

  2. Michael_S

    Great show as always. I wish I could have caffene (It’s not becuase of my WLS) otherwise I am sure I would become addictied to the stuff… Do they make decaf?

    The sound level of the “effects” were perfect this time!

    I see you repiereced your nose… that’s a mouth tramp stamp! (It’s close enough to a tounge piercing).

    Have a great day!


  3. rivkask

    Melting mama is my hero……The tweety to big bird got me. nothing worse than a 50 lb pooh bear.

  4. VickyRuth

    You rock Beth!! It’s almost like you say what everyone else is afraid too!! ext pay day I’m getting some click! Vickyuth

  5. MelissaF

    Love your program Beth!!! I have learned to love tight tank tops or camies under ALL clothes.. b/c it holds that skin in. People never think I have excess skin until I show them. Then their jaws drop and say “never in a million years would guess you had ALL of THAT under there..” THANKS! Ugh.. I am having a lower body lift April 28th and more than excited but my pocketbook is literally screaming in pain. Panni portion got covered by insurance but the rest is up to me.. like 11k. SIGH! Thanks again love your program you ROCK! -Melissa

  6. Cathie

    Good episode again! Although the edit-ins are sometimes a bit too loud and/or distracting (particularly the music), overall I like the effect. The humorous graphics speak volumes about your sense of humor.

    And I think you actually have ME thinking of getting some Click. 🙂

  7. Puppie

    My WLS honey needs a hookup to one of those undergarments that will control the man-boob loose swingy skin. Can you hook us up with a little linky-linky?

  8. Jennifer

    Oh the piercing…I have a fond memory of that.
    I can barely handle the guilt of my jeans being too tight right now so I can’t image the self hatred if I tattoo a huge 125lbs gone!!!! on my ass.
    On another note I am considering a cupcake tattoo as that is what got me to 300lbs and will bring me back there again if I don’t watch out.
    As you know I love click too.
    Good show- I like the rants best as they best depict the real MM.

  9. Donna

    I love MM..she makes me laugh but I must disagree with the tramp stamp issue. I always wanted one when I was heavy, but never got one because I did not feel “worthy”. I’m 27 pounds away from my goal (7 months post op) and I will definately be getting one. It’s my reward…I’ve earned it! I’m already a frequent buyer of Click – I never allow myself to run out as this causes panic attacks!!
    Great episode 🙂

  10. Sally

    I really love following you in all your various forms… blogged, youtubed,weight loss channel , whatever! you are a great image for us out there.

    I trust your candid opinion on all things related to your walk through weight loss-

    I think the tattoo thing is so normative now ( I do not have one) it is a generational thing- i was born in 1957– when people didn’t pierce their babies ears unless they were from a foriegn land!
    Now that is so normative-like tattoos– that NOT to have one is odd.

    In my fantasy I will get a tattoo tiny, and delicate, of a plumeria blossom on my boosted and lifted breast–after weight loss and tucking! but maybe not!

    About plastic surgery after… I have wanted a nice form my whole life- and I consider the investement in my body afterwards- no different than what people pay for a car…my body is a car I will drive for about 30- 40 years I hope…every minute of every day… so spread that investment out over 30 years — see what a good value that is! ( and in my pear shape thunder thighed junk in the trunk form– I will need a lot of restructuring!

    so IMHO it is money better spent than on a car that I drive maybe 6-8 years before it breaks down or I feel the need for a new one!

    kisses to all,

    Sally- a “wanna be” MM!

  11. mm

    Sally –

    Good way to ‘splain it. I posted once about plastics costing a car’s worth – except in our house it would be a $100K set of wheels.

    I’mma drive this junk in the trunk for AT LEAST 60 more years – I would love to at least pick up my flat tires. :X

  12. mm

    Donna –

    What’re you going to get for a tattoo? My DH and I went to a super place here and ACTUALLY looked at the designs a while back… it’s hard…. you know… thinking about permanent alteration? Then again – – – so was WLS.

  13. Maria Smith

    Great episode! I have been wearing a “corset” and an arm “thingy” for about 5 months now, tucks everything in. Love it! Thank God not too much loose skin.

  14. Nic

    HEY NOW…
    don’t be making fun o’my butterfly tattoo! LMAO!!!
    ya know I am the tattoo’d teacher so another one didn’t really bother me.
    so whatcha looking at in the tattoo parlors???
    right now…here in town we are having tattoo wars…buy one get one free…ugh…OK so THAT scares me LOL

    always love the show!
    but had to tease ya abit!

  15. Mike

    Hey Beth,

    Great episode kid! One question though if ya don’t mind me asking. Why did the video window become so small? It makes it really hard to see you with such a small video window.

    Keep up the good work!


  16. mm

    Mike. I’m melting. LOL.

    I don’t know, I don’t make the vids. I think they expand to full screen if you click on them, lemme ask.

    Nic – where did you PUT yo tat? 😡

  17. Rena

    I love your show. I got a “trophy tattoo” after I lost 100 pounds! I love it and it is a great audio-visual aid to explain to others exactly what I had done to my insides:) For me it is a constant reminder to work on my recovery from morbid-obesity and all of the accompanying health problems. I have a new life and I am going to work every day to keep it. My tattoos (I got my first one at 49 years old) can be seen on my OH profile.
    Keep up the good work!
    Rena M. RNY 4/30/08 Duke NC
    110 lbs; 117 lbs gone forever!

  18. Yvonne McCarthy

    I know a lot of women that don’t go anywhere without Spanx. They are absolutely awesome and work on all parts of your body. They have all kinds of styles, some cover arms, some cover just thighs but check them out. Also I’ve always felt like I spent years trying to cover up all the extra weight so covering loose skin is a bunch easier. Seriously though, Spanx are the BOMB!

  19. laurie

    i love your show it has given me alot of knowledge for the future i am 21 days away from surgery i have watched you also on ytube i think your show is great i even make my husband watch so he can be informed about what is going to happen to me and my body seeing your show makes so excited to have my surgry even though i am still very nervouse about it

  20. Taunia

    I’m all about Spanx, baby! lol For the first time in my entire life, I’m dealing with not being able to wear shorts. I have hanging skin on my thighs now – BOOO! Anyhow, great episode. (HA! Fat Bastard…just heard that an laughed) Rock on, girl!

  21. Robin

    I loved this episode, as always, Beth! The skin issue is kicking my a** right now!!!! *sigh*

    I also love my butterfly tattoo!! 😉 I love what it symbolizes (for me) and I will still love it if (or when, if the statistics are to be beleived) I have some regain. Hopefully, it will remind me of my journey, and how hard I have worked to get to where I am now. (And where I hope to be, since I am not yet at goal.) But, I realize that they aren’t for everyone (just like nose piercings – I wouldn’t do that!) so it’s all good! 🙂

  22. Kim walker

    Stumbled on the video from one of your blogs on Vitamin D. Now going to watch the other episodes!!

  23. Charl'e

    I love watching these programs. They have helpful info but are fun to help make what we are going through a little easier. It’s great to know others are going through the same thing and have the same problems. I love the tip about the under garments. The only thing I have would have added is shopping at Thrift Stores. A friend of mine that had WLS turned me onto them. I was trying to only buy one outfit per size, but at the Thrift Store I was able to buy several outfits for the same price. Then donate them back when I went down another size.
    I look forward to the next episode.

  24. Roni

    My very first MM show…..LOVED it! I’m only 12 days out from open rny (ouch!) and still trying to find a protein drink I can stomach. Click sounds awesome, thanks for the idea, and the smiles today! Also, Beth, do you know why a woman should NEVER, EVER get a butterfly tattoo on her breast??

    wait for it……….


    Cause in 20 years, it will be a damn EAGLE….LOL! (the more you get a visual on this one, the funnier it becomes!)

    Wish me luck…..I’ve lost so far 16 pounds, my surgery was Aug. 12th…..think that’s OK??

    Take care, peace out!

    Roni in PA 🙂


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