Melting Mama Asks, Who Are You Calling a Fat-Head?

Join Beth Sheldon-Badore, WLS veteran and YouTube superstar, as she serves up the real dish on life after weight loss surgery. In this episode of Melting Mama’s Reality Bites, Beth tackles the topic of how to deal with a fat brain in a thin body. Plus, she’ll divulge a tasty pouch-friendly treat that is low in calories and tantalizing to the tongue in her latest product review, and then wrap up the show with an inspired rant straight from the heart. Fasten your seatbelts for Melting Mama’s crazy funhouse ride!

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24 Responses

  1. Tom a.k.a. Winelover215

    Great show Beth! LOL you are so far from “normal” though 🙂 Loves ya! Tom

  2. cathy

    A W E S O M E JOB, like always, you are very informative on wls and I really appreciate it. Thanks a Million

  3. Cathie

    Hey -where can I get one of those get a free dinner cards? Just kidding. Good show, MM! Keep up the good work and keeping it REAL!

  4. Yvonne McCarthy

    I’m all over #3. I made a lot of fat jokes about myself when I was morbidly obese. Now I use all my energy to be in a better place and hopefully help others to learn how to do that too. #3 is a great way to start!

  5. Barbara

    This was one of our topics last night in my monthly support group. BE HAPPY with your success’s. Hmmm you normal, I don’t believe that for a second lol! My family loves that I only eat 1/8th of a meal at a restaurant, gives them all more food to eat.
    Love the show, keep up the great work.

  6. mm

    Thanks Jeff. 🙂 I appreciate your feedback, I do. These guys did a super job of making me look informative. 😡

  7. jamie

    to be honest… i never knew this show exsisted until today… and guess what… I LOVE IT!!!!!!! great job!!!!!

  8. Kimberly aka fudds64 from youtube

    I seen this video from missjaniehere from youtube, ever since than I favourited your webpage. I go April 24th, 2009 for my rny surgery. I wish I had of done this years ago. Maybe I wouldn’t have all these health problems today. You’ve told the plain honest truth & was in told in great detail. I’ve always beat myself up with word bashing & put downs. Just hard when there’s been so much pass judgement. But you’re right we do deserve better & need to stop the vicious circle of bashing ourselves. Love your videos

  9. Cami Richardson

    I just found this channel, and I’m thrilled to be here! GREAT job Beth! I have to go look around the site now … Thanks! Cami


    You are So funny. I am writing a book on this very topic, would love to chat with you sometime to hear more this and other topics of my book…. And, I love the batwings comments!!!

  11. angelcrh

    You spoke what I think, I had this surgery to be normal not to advertise that I had it done. My sister thinks the opposite and thinks that in order to be friends with some one you need to be completly honest and they need to know I had the surgery done. Which brings me to another point, your not going to tell someone you want to be friends with that you had a testicle removed or have had braces are you?

  12. akashirl

    How fun. Your show is great. Great inforomation with lots of laughs.
    Keep it coming.

  13. jessica

    Hey Beth, love these segments i can not wait till i have more time to finish watching them all.

  14. Sierra

    Beth, I just watched all your videos on this site. You are absolutedly great and a great motivator. You motivated me in such a way and I am not able to have the surgery myself. I definitly will be back to watch the next video

  15. rodney

    Wow…look at you!! A tv show and everything!! Proud of you girl!

  16. Yvette

    Re: the restaurant card. You so read my mind!!!!!!!!!! I live in New York City and there is no way in H _ L L that I want to hand my twinkie sized waitperson a card that says I need the kiddie sized meal!!!!! p.s.: I absolutely love your show!