Melting Mama Serves Up the Good Stuff

Ever heard of bariatric beri beri? Find out why this condition isn't as tasty as it sounds, and get Melting Mama's advice on staving off malnutrition by making sure you're getting plenty of the good stuff. (Yep, we're talking vitamins, people.) Plus, she'll share a couple of her favorite choco-licious protein powders that make for some power-packed shakes, and get Beth's take on whether weight loss surgery is really the "easy way out". Click on over to tune in now!
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Melting Mama Teaches the Art of Camouflage

How did you celebrate reaching your goal weight? A beach vacation? A new tattoo? Melting Mama wants to know! Plus, she'll address the troublesome topic of camouflaging extra skin after weight loss, and also turn you on to a tasty protein drink that will put a little extra kick in your step in her latest product review. Ready for a belly laugh? Click on over to tune in now!
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Melting Mama Wants You Hot and Sweaty

All comfy there at your computer? Well, get ready to work up a sweat with the latest episode of Melting Mama's Reality Bites, 'cause host Beth Sheldon-Badore wants you to hoist your rumpus maximus up out of that chair and start exercising. (Eek!) Plus, she'll take a swig of a new liquid protein supplement in her latest product review and let you know whether it really tastes like fruit punch or...well, you'll just have to tune in and see.
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Melting Mama Asks, Who Are You Calling a Fat-Head?

Find out what it's like to deal with a fat brain in a thin body in the latest episode of Melting Mama's Reality Bites. Host Beth Sheldon-Badore tells it straight as she tackles the subject of life after weight loss surgery, plus she'll tip viewers off to one of her favorite bariatric nutritional products, and wrap things up with a rant sure to have you leapin' to your feet!