The Power of Positive Thinking

A positive attitude determines whether someone will be successful at a particular endeavor and in life more generally.  But how do you cultivate and maintain a positive attitude — an attitude that will make you more likely to succeed?  The answer: by embracing a positive outlook and stubbornly refusing to interpret whatever circumstances you encounter as insurmountable obstacles.  To succeed, you need to accept your environment and embrace whatever comes your way.  Positive thinking is the key to success.


Motivational speaker, author and model Carla Ferrer reminds us about something that we often forget:  luck, good fortune and success aren’t determined by our environment.  These things are determined by our approach to our environment.  If we look at the world — and our circumstances — in a negative way, we likely will be continually disappointed and less successful than we could be.

Carla’s message is an empowering one: Ultimately, we have power over ourselves and our place in the world.

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