Release Yourself From Guilt

Guilt isn’t an authentic emotion.  We feel guilty when we think we’ve transgressed in some way or when we think we’ve disappointed others.  This isn’t how we should live.  We should feel emotions generated from within ourselves.  Letting go of guilt helps us progress and it helps us accomplish our goals.


Motivational speaker, author and model Carla Ferrer doesn’t want anyone’s life to be controlled by guilt.  Guilt is an emotion generated by the environment — and by our peers — rather than something we authentically feel.  And that’s why it can end up running  — and ruining — our lives.  Ferrer wants people to let go of the idea of guilt and live their lives unencumbered by others expectations.

This is not to say that we should do whatever we want, whenever we want.  Ferrer knows we have responsibilites to others.  If we do something wrong we should feel bad about doing something wrong, and this feeling should come from our own sense of morality.  Adopting Carla’s philosophy can make you a happier and freer individual.

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