Letting Go of Judgment and Saying Hello to Personal Growth

In this episode of Fat to Fantabulous, speaker and author Carla Ferrer discusses something we all deal with: judgment.  By discarding judgment, says Carla, we can grow and evolve as individuals and as a society.

People who have struggled with obesity know just how hurtful it can be when someone passes judgment on them for their appearance or behavior. Yet, often, those who suffer this type of criticism are often quick to judge others as a kind of defense mechanism. Carla explains how if we let one another engage in our individual, personal journeys, we will each be able to live more contented and fulfilled lives. If you give those around you the opportunity to flourish, you will find yourself developing in new and positive ways.


Carla makes the point that there is no reason why we should automatically judge one another.  We’ve been conditioned to police each other’s actions and remarks and this has, she reasons, stunted our personal growth.  But for Carla, judgment isn’t simply dangerous because it inhibits personal, individual development.  It also prevents us, as a society, from evolving.

If you abandon judgment and let others be the people they can be – and want to be – you’ll enjoy a happier and more fulfilling life.

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