Carla Ferrer: Finding the Gift in Challenging Situations

Have you ever had an experience in your past when something happened that, at the time, appeared to be the worst thing in the world? And now, looking back, you recognize that you would never be who you are today or where you are in life were it not for that one thing?

Often when we take a big step toward self-improvement — like starting a new weight loss program, ditching emotional vampires, or pursuing a personal passion — we suddenly find ourselves facing unexpected challenges. In the latest episode of Fat to Fantabulous, Carla Ferrer encourages viewers to look for the opportunity to reach a higher level of awareness and personal growth.


Breakthroughs are often preceded by “breakdowns,” so don’t be hard on yourself, Carla says. Continue practicing the disciplines and rituals that sustain you –- meditation, prayer, affirmations, exercise -– whatever works for you that is healthy and sound, knowing that if you have a momentary lapse, you’ll pick yourself right back up and start again!

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