Wrap Recipes by Chef Dave are Low Fat and Delicious

Wrap recipes let you get creative with your on-the-go meals! Tune into see Chef Dave, the bariatric culinary master, whip up four quick-and-easy wraps you’re sure to love. He’s not just a great cook, he’s a Wrap Star!

Recent studies have shown that prepackaged frozen meals often have misleading calorie counts and can cost you twice as many calories as you thought! So what’s a busy, health-conscious person to do? In this episode of Eating Right Every Bite, Chef Dave prepares four quick wrap recipes, so you can make lunch to go and keep track of your calories all at the same time. (Article continues below video player.)

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First up, Chef Dave satisfies your spicy side with the Mexican chicken wrap, a filling meal in a tortilla that includes chicken, tomatoes, green chilies and sour cream. Next up is his fiber-full black bean wrap that features tangy salsa and sour cream.  Then, he puts a new twist on an old favorite with the Elvis-style peanut butter-banana wrap, an update on a childhood snack that makes it a little easier to put in your briefcase.  Finally, there’s a turkey Caesar pita pocket you’ll for sure find filling.

Once again, Chef Dave proves that no matter what your lifestyle or schedule, there is always time to “Cook Smart!” Check it out on this week’s episode of Eating Right Every Bite. Watch now!

Hungry yet? Download the recipes here!

2 Responses

  1. Lynn Rushfield

    I had lap band surgery about 8 months ago. Can I have wraps? I was told no bread.I would really like to know. Thank you…Lynn

  2. JC RD

    I am a registered dietitian working for a bariatric program in Richmond, VA. We allow our patients to consume wraps. Yes, you can incorporate wraps into your diet. I encourage pts to choose whole wheat or whole grain wraps or the Flat Out bread. Wraps are typically better tolerated b/c they are thinner and not as “soft” and “doughy” as bread. Toasting the wrap allows it to be more thin and crispy in texture and therefore better tolerated. I encourage patients to still limit their intake of breads or bread-like products to only one meal per day. Hope this helps.