Quick and Easy Recipes Make Breakfast a Breeze

Quick and easy recipes for breakfast can still be healthy, and even fun to make. In the latest episode of Eating Right Every Bite, Chef Dave demonstrates four pouch-friendly recipes that are perfect for post-op weight loss surgery patients, or anyone wanting a nutritious, low-cal power boost to start the day.

muesli with raspberriesBreakfast is the one meal of the day people are most likely to skip. Whether you are rushing off to work, getting the kids ready for school, or trying to get in a workout before your day starts, it can be a chore to make yourself eat first thing.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and there is a reason for that. Did you know that skipping breakfast can cause you to make worse food choices later in the day when you are hungry?

A 2009 study out of the Imperial College London took 20 healthy, non-obese people and had them skip breakfast before an fMRI exam, a test that measures blood flow in response to brain activity. When the doctors showed test subjects pictures of high-fat food choices, such as pizza, cake and chocolate, their brains literally “lit up” on the fMRI as opposed to when they saw photos of fish, salad or vegetables. When they repeated the test on the same people on a day when they had eaten breakfast, there was no difference in brain activity.

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So, now you know that breakfast can affect your ability to make smart food choices. The next step is to make it accessible! That’s where Chef Dave steps in. As a bariatric patient himself, Chef Dave specializes in using his culinary talents for good, making great-tasting, pouch friendly recipes that you can try at home.

On today’s menu, three variations on a healthy, feel-good staple for winter: oatmeal! Check out the three different spins Chef Dave has for you on this satisfying breakfast. And, all of them can be made in less than five minutes. Now that’s fast food!

Hungry yet? Download these delicious recipes here.

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