Lasagna Recipe Made with Amore, But Little Fat by Chef Dave

Lasagna recipes don’t have to be full of fat to be hearty and delicious! In this episode, Chef Dave serves up a lasagna that’s a new twist on an old favorite that even kids will love.

Chef Dave is a bariatric patient who has kept off over 200 pounds since 2002. And to accomplish that, he rewrote the book on cooking for those who have had bariatric surgery.  That includes coming up with easy to make, easy to eat meals that are well-rounded and nutritious.

This week, Chef Dave whips up some Hearty Turkey Lasagna Rolls and Vegetable Medley Parmesan. Both recipes are great tasting treats for the whole family.

And while these recipes may restrict your calories, they don’t restrict your taste buds. The parmesan favorite includes plenty of tasty vegetables and a the lasagna recipe is a new twist on an old favorite.

Chef Dave fans will want a second helping of the “dessert” dished up on this show… it’s the hilarious outtakes from when the show was filmed. Be sure to watch Chef Dave at his most fun!

This episode is chock full of heart-healthy Italian favorites… hold the heart burn! Download the recipes below the video player, and you’ll experience amore tonight with every bite!

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Hungry yet? Click here to download the recipes.

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