Chef Dave Serves Up a Breakfast Feast to Kick-Start Your Day

Chef Dave proves once again that you can “feast” without overindulging. Eat like a king with two tasty breakfast dishes on the latest episode of Eating Right Every Bite!

You know the old saying: “Eat like a king at breakfast, a prince at lunch and a pauper at dinner.” The maxim is one to live by. Eating hearty at the start of the day provides fuel for the rest of your waking hours, and can actually kick start your metabolism into high gear. What’s more, studies have proven that those who eat breakfast are less likely to overindulge on empty calories later in the day, and that kids who eat breakfast have better concentration.

In the latest episode of Eating Right Every Bite, Chef Dave demonstrates a couple of breakfast treats that are sure to win rave reviews from family and friends. First up is a scrumptious Ham and Eggs Rosemary, an easy dish that serves six, so it’s great for when the parents come to visit. Then, get the scoop on the Cheddar Bacon Potato Bake, a recipe that sounds anything but light, but offers surprising health benefits! You’ll be surprised how good breakfast can be.

Whether you have had weight loss surgery or you’re just trying to watch your waistline, you can get plenty of protein while avoiding unnecessary fat and calories with these two eggs-traordinary dishes. Try them on a lazy weekend morning, holiday brunch, or office potluck. You can also prepare these baked dishes the night before and simply heat and serve on a busy weekday morning.

Plus, get tips on eggs and find out why they make a great source of protein for people who have had weight loss surgery. Click the player below to watch now!

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Hungry yet? Click here to download the recipes and nutrition information!

8 Responses

  1. Kathy Fehlbaum

    Yummy-looking, and good for us, too. I’ll try it soon. Thanks!

  2. Sally

    Perfect! I saw this Saturday AM and I am making the Potato one for my husband for breakfast today! He will be sooo happy!

  3. Tressa

    I can’t wait to try this recipe once I get to solid food stage. It looks yummy!!!

  4. stephanie

    I tried this and it was SUPER yummy. Between my teenage brothers and my dad, I was lucky to snag a portion at all! They loved it! Made it again and it flew faster the second time!

  5. sandra

    I enjoy the chef’s show keep the great shows coming! Thanks

  6. Teresa King

    I have just had the bypass surgery and I am wondering if you have a cookbook and if you have suggestions to cook for one.

  7. maria

    hi i had wls 6 years ago was 440 down to 220 but never lost more gained now lbs what should i eat to get down again?they tell me not to eat rice potatoes bread pasta?thank you can you please answer

  8. JC RD


    You should contact your bariatric surgeon or meet with a dietitian to get “back on track”. You can certainly achieve your wt loss goals and prevent further wt gain. There are not certain foods that are going to cause weight gain or weight loss…its about everything in moderation. I would strongly encourage you to seek professional guidance and someone who can sit down with you and help you meet your nutrient needs based on your lifestyle. Nutrition is not a one-stop shop!

    JC, Registered Dietitian