Bariatric Chef Dave Fouts Stirs Up Some Fun!

Chef Dave Fouts, the world’s first bariatric chef, stirs up some fun in the latest episode of Eating Right Every Bite with simple and delicious stir-fry recipes that are low in calories and big on taste!

Whether your culinary skills are seriously limited, or you’re a whiz in the kitchen, Chef Dave helps make cooking a breeze, so mealtime can be fun again! For this episode’s tasty entrées, all you need to do is chop and sauté — it doesn’t get easier than that. Join Chef Dave as he stirs things up with two pouch-friendly stir fry recipes, plus he’ll share some helpful cooking tips that will come in handy for many future meals. Click the link below the video player to print out a PDF of the recipes in the show!

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Hungry yet? Click here to download recipes from this episode!

10 Responses

  1. Chef Dave

    I have been in Seattle since Thursday and not going home until Sunday at a weight loss pateint convention… I’m really enjoying the cooler weather!

    You can omit the onions in the chicken salad and use onion powder. I would use 1 teaspoon.

    Thanks for the compliments on the second show! WLSChannel awesome job once again.


  2. Queenie

    I love watching Chef Dave cook. Everything looks do delicious. Thank you for this channel.

  3. yourwlbuddy

    I love hearing about new recipes. I’ve come to love cooking at home much more than eating out in restaraunts. Who’d of ever thought!

  4. Jody Meyer

    I like the shows so far, I am concerned about the amount of food you use in your recipes. My wife and I are about 7 weeks after surgery, and I can not even think about making a plate that large…I also like the tips.
    Mr. Jody Meyer

  5. mm

    Jody – It will happen, in time.

    I would suggest Dave’s book for early post ops.


    Can’t wait to try these. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your cookbook! Teresa, WLS patient 11/25/08

  7. Maria

    I love his cook book. I bought it through OAC – Some the receipies have way too many carbs. I have alimentary hypoglycemia, but I can still do a lot of them and they are great.


  8. Annie

    Jody, I couldn’t eat as much as Chef Dave shows on a plate either. Maybe some folks get to that point, but I wonder, is he showing a serving platter, like on some other shows? Somehow, we need to get this question to him.

    The bottom line is, eat what makes sense in your situation. The recipes are delicious and good for you. Truth is, what’s on his platter is enough for 3-4 entre-size servings for me, and I’m 18 months out.