Bariatric Chef Dave Fouts Cooks a Delectable Dinner and Dessert!

Bariatric patients don’t need to settle for bland foods and bite-sized portions the rest of their lives. Chef Dave Fouts, himself a gastric bypass success story, has a delectable dinner and dessert for you in the latest episode of Eating Right Every Bite. The recipes are low in calories, big on taste and pouch friendly!

Chef-Dave-Delicious-DinnerWeight loss surgery doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy eating! These delicious, pouch-friendly recipes are simple and simply rewarding. This episode features flavorful turkey meatballs in a refreshing tsatziki sauce and a scrumptious dessert that tastes decadent but is surprisingly low-cal: chunky brandy baked apples.

Best of all, Chef Dave shares some helpful cooking tips that will come in handy for many future meals. Click the link below the video player to print out a PDF of the recipes in the show!

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Hungry yet? Click here to download the recipes!

10 Responses

  1. Annie

    Chef Dave, I imagine a serving size is very dependent on how far out from surgery you are and whether you are male or female. However, it would be helpful with the recipes to have an estimate of how many people can be served with it. Another area I think would be helpful is to mention what can be served with the dish for family members who do not need the special diet. ~Annie

  2. Susan Zabritski

    Just made these meatballs and cucumber topping for dinner. THEY WERE SUPERB! Hubby, a confirmed non-dieter, loved them. They were so good I wished my pouch was bigger. Oh well, there’s always tomorrow for leftovers.

  3. Chef Dave

    Thanks for all the comments!!! Keep them comming!

    Maria- you mention the recipes have way to many carbs…I need to correct and let you know that all recipes meet and exceed the ASMBS (American Society of Metabolics and Bariatric Surgeons)and have been approved by a registered dietician. It is a misconception that carbs are bad while in fact if eaten in the right amounts they are healthy. In addition your body needs good carbs!

    Annie- Serving size is about the same for everyone. 3 to 4 ounces protein and 2ounces vegtabl and fruit. Small amounts of whole wheat starch.If you are new to the surgery you most likely will not be ablt to get this amount in.

    Plating the food- when I plate food on the show it is all plated as if it was going on my dinner table to serve my family.

    Our Diet- I never undstood this phrase. Our diet consist of fruits, vegtables, protein, and minimal fats and starch. This is the way we should all eat. As for the rest of the family if its good enough for you it’s certinly good enough for the rest of the family (just larger portion sizes)! Just ask my kids I dont run a restaurant at home :o)

    Cook Smart…

    Chef Dave

  4. Mary

    Love your shows. Also, love to watch your little out-takes. They are pretty funny. Miss you in Reno. Hopefully you will be coming back soon. Thanks for all you do for the weight loss world.

  5. Chef Dave

    The out takes are funny! The video shoots are a ton of fun, but long days! Just goes to show how much work WLSChannel does to make me look good…

  6. Carol B

    For your Chunky Brandy Baked Apples….Is there a specific type of apple that you prefer to use? Or will any type work?

  7. Karen

    My surgery is scheduled for 9-14-09 and I am so excited to try this recipe! My husband is a VERY picky eater and has a lot of spice allergies as well, and this recipe seems just right for him!
    Thanks Chef Dave!

  8. Kurt Kline

    Interesting work. I had a gastrectomy last June and have lost 135 pounds. Working on recipes to make food exciting and nutritious. Currently working as a chef in central Italy and focusing on antipasti. Those little bites are really our best friends.

  9. Mrs.Nations

    My family loved these recipes! My Husband is quite thin and has trouble staying at a normal weight, so he needs more healthy carbs so I made him a gyro with the meatballs, sauce and a whole wheat pita. And I had figs I needed to use so I sliced them into rounds to use with the apples instead of raisins, I also added some chopped walnuts, it was super good! Thanks for the recipes, I will keep watching. ^_^


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