90 Seconds To Success – Dealing with Difficult People

Dealing with Difficult People. In life, we will always have to deal with difficult people, whether in our school, work place, or family. And, although we may believe it’s the person we do not like, it is usually a character trait that they posses. Even so, we generally categorize people into ones that we like, we don’t like, or we need something from. In this episode, host Craig Thompson encourages us to add a new category: people that we serve.

90 Seconds to Success – Progress Not Perfection

Progress NOT Perfection. In this episode of 90 Seconds to Success, host Craig Thompson reminds us to keep the mindset of a student, no matter where we are in our weight loss surgery journey. Not only can we continue to develop our character and learn healthy new habits, but we also refrain from placing unrealistic expectations on the people around us by maintaining a posture of humility and recognizing that we're all constantly in process.

90 Seconds to Success – Discovering Your Why

Discovering your WHY. The doctors can teach you “how” to change your eating and exercise habits before and after weight loss surgery, but to win the battle with obesity long term, you must discover you own WHY. Host Craig Thompson explains how identifying why you decided to have weight loss surgery and getting in touch with the raw emotions that prompted your decision can give you the strength to be more disciplined in your new post-op life.
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90 Seconds to Success – A Life or Death Desire

A Life or Death Desire. For many weight loss surgery patients, surgery was their last hope to lose weight. Their life actually depended on it. In today's episode, host Craig Thompson uses a surprising story to illustrate how important it is to WANT success, and how that burning desire can make all the difference when it comes to achieving our goals.
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90 Seconds to Success – Get Desperate!

Get Desperate! Desperation should not always be viewed as something negative. Host Craig Thompson encourages us to be desperate for success and to find the burning desire within us to achieve the goals we have set for ourselves. Tune into today’s episode to learn how you can become desperate for all the right reasons.
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90 Seconds to Success – Give It Back

Give It Back. Making the decision to let someone else be in charge may have been easy when it came to having weight loss surgery. In this episode of 90 Seconds to Success, host Craig Thompson reminds us that we are not qualified to take back control and make up new rules when it comes to our eating -- even years after surgery. We need to turn it over to the doctors, dieticians and counselors who are there to help us and who are qualified to set the guidelines.
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90 Seconds to Success – Here’s Your Sign

Here's Your Sign. For years, Bill Engvall of the Blue Collar Comedy Tour has had a great stand-up routine about how people who say moronic things should be required to wear a sign to warn folks that they're stupid. But, the truth is, we all do stupid things. In this episode of 90 Seconds to Success, host Craig Thompson reminds us to practice humility when someone else wears on our nerves or shows a momentary lack of mental fortitude, instead of pointing our finger in disdain. We're all human -- and odds are, we hope others will be just as forgiving when we're the one acting dumb.