90 Seconds to Success – Get Back on the Wagon

Get Back on the Wagon. Whether you are pre-op or post-op, it’s not unusual to fall off the wagon and suffer a set-back in your weight loss program. But, whether you have plateaued or put back on 30 pounds, a short-term misstep is no reason to throw in the towel.  In this episode of 90 Seconds to Success, host Craig Thompson encourages viewers to get back on the wagon, and reminds us that a set-back is only temporary as long as we take decisive action to turn things around and start heading in the right direction again.

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  1. Kathy Fehlbaum

    Thanks for the encouragement, Craig. I enjoyed your entire presentation, especially the reminder to “act my way into right thinking.”

  2. Judijo

    Good Job, CT. I just posted in renewedreflections.com about how I was flabbergasted over yesterday’s calorie count, which I thought would have been much lower!

    Thanks for the topic. Very timely, IMO. 🙂


  3. Cheryl

    Thanks so much Craig for your encouraging remarks. I have fallen off the wagon and am drifting into a 20 pound weight gain. I realize I still have the tool to losing this 20 pounds..I’m just not using it. I asked my surgeon a while back, “what would I have to do to gain this weight back?” He told me, “go back to your old habits”. That is EXACTLY what I have done. I need to take that first step and turn around to a positive lifestyle again. I hope this encourages someone else having the same setback. Thanks for the topic!

  4. Gloria

    I, like Cheryl have fallen back into bad habits after only 3 years post surgery, gaining 25 pounds. I was warned upfront from my wonderful doctor and staff to study hard my old habits in the early years after surgery to assure they would not again sabotage my recovery. I just didn’t pay attention till now, having to shop for a size up….the depression seems to be even greater than before I had surgery, having lost 125+ lbs. Have just joined Curves as I have never been the exercise type. Any other suggestions would be so greatly appreciated.

  5. Brenda

    I am only 8 months post op and I have fallen off big time. I needed some positive reinforcement and I got it from listening to Craig speak. Thank You so much.


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