What Type of WLS Did You Have/Are You Considering?

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  1. Kathy

    Lap Band in 2007. Have never regretted one minute of it, but it sure is hard to eat in restuarants (being single). Wish you could get half orders or WLS-friendly portions. 🙁

  2. Shannon

    I am scheduled for a vertical sleeve gastrectomy in 3 days. I am very excited!

  3. Paula C

    I am 11 1/2 yrs Post Op Open BPD/DS. My surgery was a complete success and I live an incredible life of optimum mental and physical health. I lost 100% of my excess weight and have not experienced any regain.

    This surgery for me has been, “Life Saving and Life Changing”.

    Paula C
    Fort Worth,TX
    Open BPD/DS 10/02/2000
    Dr. Aniceto Baltizar, Spain


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