Weight Loss Surgery Made Funny With Bariatric TV

BariatricTV.com uses funny weekly webisodes to educate bariatric patients about nutrition and offer hope on how to stay on track.

BariatricTV.com treats the weight loss surgery life with goofy fun and a light heart. The weekly show is a haven for “surgically altered freaks” and to Toni and Michael Towe, this isn’t a bad thing.

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BariatricTV.com offers videos about diet and nutrition information, plus forums about coping with the special weight loss process that bariatric patients can expect. Many of the programs feature Toni and friend Lynnda Shepherd, spreading their word through absurd comedy and costumes, with episodes such as “Food Porn” and “Don’t Be a Scale Ho!”

“There are so many people out there having surgery that we’re giving them more options on what to watch,” Toni said. “Some people, they get a little irritated by the ‘freak’ part of our show. …We think, the more information out there, the better. So whatever the information, and wherever it’s coming from, we’re just thumbs-up on that.”

The show is a perfect fit for Michael’s extensive technical background and the fact that wife Toni is a successful post-op patient with 130 pounds shed since 2004. Shepherd shares bragging rights, with 120 pounds gone since 2003.

“She is the Lucy to my Ethel,” Toni said about Shepherd. “She’s funny, she’s engaging and she makes it so much fun. I mean, we laugh the whole time we’re doing this show.”

So far, they’ve exceeded 40 episodes and the site is a hit. Instead of being competition to venues like The Weight Loss Surgery Channel, it’s a light-hearted companion with the same mission.

6 Responses

  1. Nancy Polerecky

    Had Gastric Bypass 2 mo ago. I take a lot of meds and of course with water. Had to wait 1/2 hr before I ate. Wasn’t doing that. I was nauseous a long time. Didn’t think it applied to meds. Feeling great now. I was worried.

  2. Nancy Polerecky

    I have acid reflux for 4 yrs now. Stopped drinking soda. What is the reason that we shouldn’t drink soda. Now & then have a taste for diet root beer, but let it go flat over night.

  3. Nancy Polerecky

    Please let me know the reason that we shouldn’t drink soda.

  4. Nancy49

    I like the idea of asking questions. Will someone please answer me.

  5. admin

    Bariatric surgeons advise against patients drinking sodas for a number of reasons. For one, the non-diet versions contain high amounts of sugar, which can cause dumping for GBP patients and increases caloric intake for everyone. The carbonation in sodas can also cause a build-up of gases in the stomach, which can be extremely uncomfortable for weight loss surgery patients (regardless of whether you had a band, bypass, sleeve, etc.).

    Dr. David Provost, a WLS Channel faculty advisor and one of the nation’s leading bariatric surgeons, has a great article about Life After Soda Pop on his website here: http://www.provostbariatrics.com/success-after-weight-loss-surgery/weight-loss-surgery-success-life-after-carbonated-drinks/

  6. Nancy Polerecky

    Admin. Thanks for the input on soda. I went to provostbariatrics.com Doctor has helpful info on different topics. I am 3 mo. post op from gastric bypass. I am very glad I had the surgery. Losing weight is fun.