Lap-Band vs. Gastric Bypass – Video Feature

Dr. David Provost clearly explains the differences between the Lap-Band procedure and gastric bypass surgery in this helpful two-minute video segment. Learn about the advantages and disadvantages of both procedures, average weight loss results, common side effects, and the differences in long-term follow-up care that the Lap-Band and gastric bypass procedures require. Click the video screen to watch now!

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8 Responses

  1. louise

    would like to know which one has the greater wight loss the lapband or the gastric sleeve thank you louise

  2. Eloisa Casanova

    The lap band is not as quick as the gastric bypass but it is a nice steady of weight loss to give your body and your mind time to adjust to the loss.

  3. gloria

    Can u get the lapband after having R-n-Y gastric bypass

  4. Pat

    I am a post-op lapbander. I have heard of people who have had RNY and are struggling against weight regain having lapband surgery. There are also several up and coming procedures, one called the Rose procedure, and one called Stomafix. I believe both of them go into the pouch through the esophagus and tighten the pouch. So far I am holding my own weight loss wise. The nice thing about the band is its adjustability. I recently had a fill as my weight was creeping up a bit and I was getting hungry after two hours. Now my weight is back down and I fill up faster again.

  5. blake

    im 17 and i weigh 300 lbs. i was wondering which would be best for me.

  6. chasity

    I am watnting to have the full gastric-bypass i weigh 319 and have a bmi of 58 i have 2 kids and am scared to death to have it just because of what you hear any comments would be greatly apprecited

  7. Cyn

    i underwent lapband procedure about 2 months ago..I have been losing about 2 lbs. per week, which is expected. It does help u fill up faster and you don’t get as hungry. However, u have to work with it and be very aware because you can still eat like a glutton, as you did before. The doctors and studies say you can only eat about a half cup of food..this is not true at all.If you are an emotional eater, you can still over eat. I cannot eat bread at all, as it causes great discomfort going down…that’s O.K., though. You have to chew throughly before u swallow or it will cause pain, or worse, you will vomit it up. Not very attractive, if you are dining with others.I also have a weird side effect in that I am always “burping”. Time will tell if the procedure was worth it.