Choosing a Weight Loss Surgery Procedure – Video Feature

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What’s the difference between a malabsorptive weight loss surgery procedure, and a restrictive procedure? Does gastric bypass surgery have a better track record of success than the Lap-Band? Do my weight and comorbidities affect which procedure I can qualify for?

In this brief educational video, Dr. David Provost explains the most common weight loss surgery procedures, including the risks and benefits of each one. Click the video screen above to watch now, so you can make an educated decision about whether weight loss surgery is right for you!

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  1. Rocky

    I am 4 months out post surgery, Gastric By-pass in Boston Tuffs Medical Center. Great Hospital Great Staff, I have lost 75 pounds and am in a holding paturn. I am conserned I will gain all my weight back as I now seem to crave certain foods I used to eat, sweets are appealing again, just junk foods with no nutritional value is what i look for and than feel hungry and empty all day long. I know I need to start my day wilth protine of some sort to ensure weight loss and feeling good through out the day, its deffinately a head thing as far as eating what you want vs what you need..

  2. mm

    Hey Rocky.

    That’s where I went, and my husband too.

    Cravings are harsh. I wake up sometimes THINKING about food.


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