Craig Thompson

Craig Thompson, founder of the Weight Loss Surgery Channel and host of 90 Seconds to Success, underwent open Roux en-Y gastric bypass surgery in May 1997. At the time, he weighed 400 pounds, but within 18 months, he dropped nearly half his body weight and began a brand new life post-WLS. Although the changes to his body were both dramatic and empowering, Craig discovered that weight loss surgery only addressed a physical symptom of deeper issues. He founded the Weight Loss Surgery Channel to help those who are considering or who have had weight loss surgery — as well as their loved ones and healthcare providers — address the mental and emotional issues that can lead to severe and morbid obesity. His vision is to provide information, guidance and support for the millions of Americans who struggle with their weight and their self-image, to help them find new hope and live a healthier, happier life after weight loss surgery.

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