Chef Dave Fouts

chef-dave-jeans1After having weight loss surgery in 2002, Chef David Fouts quickly realized bariatric patients had no good resources for cooking advice. As a classically trained chef with a a degree from the Florida Culinary Institute, Chef Dave decided to put to use the information his dietician was giving him and develop pouch-friendly recipes to make mealtime enjoyable again for other WLS patients.

Chef Dave was previously Director of Food Services at Hippocrates Health Institute, one of the premier vegan/vegetarian resorts in South Florida, and Executive Chef for Omni Hotels.  He also worked for several years at the prestigious 5 Star Diamond Hotel “The Breakers” in West Palm Beach. He currently is the Executive Chef for Sage Gourmet Café and Market, located in the Deep Deuce District of Oklahoma City, and the corporate chef for Bariatric Partners and iMetabolic, and is a regular columnist for WLS Lifestyles magazine.

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  1. Mary Law

    Hello, Chef Dave!
    I have 2 of your cookbooks and love them! Where are you on the WLS Surgery? I receive the email, which almost always mentions you, but then I click through and cannot find you. HELP! (Feel free to forward this to someone on-site)

  2. MaryAnn Silverman

    Chef Dave…..where can we purchase your book, “WEIGHT LOSS SURGERY FOR DUMMIES”?
    I would like to read it…..thanks..MaryAnn

  3. Karen

    I had gastric bypass 6 months ago and have gone from size 24 to 12 so far. I was looking at some of your recipes and wonder how well that works for those who are still in the process of losing weight and shouldn’t be consuming alot of carbohydrates; especially starches. I am not able to afford your cookbook but am interested in your way of cooking and preparing foods for the future when I begin eating a little more normal foods rather than mostly protein and protein supplemental shakes. Your story is inspiring and encouraging and I am looking forward to reading more about you.

  4. Heather

    l had a bypass in august and have lost 6 stone including 6 weeks diet pre op l feel quite weak somtimes as eat so little i take multi vit tablets and calcium do you get same symtoms

  5. Vegan Cooking

    Weight loss surgery by Chef Dave is awesome. I read this book, it was great. There are huge tips about weight loss in this book. Which will you next book?

  6. Janet Dolfi


    I just had bypass surgery and my Dr’s office gave me your name to look up.

    Where can I buy your cookbook.

    thank you

    Janet Dolfi


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