WLSChannel Newsletter September 4, 2009


The shaky economy and rising obesity rate have given way to ‘mini-foods’ in restaurants. Find out how chains like McDonald’s, Krispy Kreme and Burger King are offering shrunken versions of their fast food favorites in this week’s episode of WLS News.

Health Update
Bariatric yoga offers relief to post-op patients

Bariatric surgery recovery isn’t easy, but it can get easier through gentle “bariatric yoga.” It’s helping many get healthy. In this interview from this year’s ASMBS conference, Dr. Matthew Cook explains how he guides recovering weight loss surgery patients through moving and breathing exercises that are simple, but work well to relieve pain and promote health, even immediately after surgery.

This Week in the News

High-fat diet a precursor to diabetes

See this week’s newscast to learn about the diabetes risk among people who eat a high-fat diet. And find out more about how obesity can affect the recurrence of prostate cancer, as well as the effect of weight loss surgery on severe sleep apnea. Get all the latest!

Across America, school is back in session — and if you have kids, odds are your schedule is more hectic than ever. As a parent, you may be used to doing everything for your kids. But, don’t overlook your own needs in the process — especially your health. Take the time to make smart food choices and get regular physical activity. Even a 30 minute walk around the neighborhood each day can do wonders to strengthen your heart and clear your head.From all of us here at the Weight Loss Surgery Channel, we wish you a happy and safe Labor Day Weekend!

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