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Weight Loss Surgery News for May 29, 2009


In the May 29, 2009 edition of WLS News, we’ll examine just how badly budget shortfalls are cutting into Canada’s bariatric care programs, and fill you in on new research indicating that smoking really can keep you thin. Then we’re off on a trip Down Under to learn how the government is battling obesity in the land of the koala and kangaroo (including a heartless ban on birthday cake). If it’s happening in the weight loss surgery community, we’ve got it covered. Catch the latest edition of WLS News now!

The Next Generation
Stress Affects Teen Obesity

Stress Linked to Childhood ObesityRecent research shows that a variety of stress factors, including academic problems, drug use and financial concerns, are likely direct contributors to obesity in children and teens. Find out which specific “stress markers” to watch for if you’re concerned that your child may become overweight or obese.

Did You Know?
‘Tis the Season for Sneezin’

The rate of childhood obesity is rising at a similar pace to the rate of childhood allergies, including allergies to food and pollens. Now, a new study has noted a correlation, and researchers believe that children who are overweight or obese may have a significantly higher rate of allergies than kids who are a normal weight.

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