WLSChannel Newsletter May 1, 2009

Weight Loss Surgery News for May 1, 2009


In the May 1, 2009 edition of WLS News, learn why women may experience stronger food cravings than men, find out why some cells store fat and others don’t, and get the full story on how obesity is affecting Britain’s socialized medicine system. Also, hear what an Irish airline is doing to address passengers whose laps overlap their seats, and discover why some scientists theorize that a Happy Meal really can make your child happy. Check out the current episode now!

Supporting the WLS Community
Together We Can Make a Change!

WLS Journeys - Yvonne McCarthyWLS Journeys is quickly becoming one of our most popular programs. Host Yvonne McCarthy is eight years post-op, and has experienced such a joyful transformation that she has dedicated her life to helping others experience the same.

This week on WLS News, she details the second annual meeting of RYD Obesity, happening this spring in Galveston, Texas. The event is hosted by the three founders of RYD Obesity–Yvonne, Ramon Lopez and Debra Flores–and by plastic surgeon Dr. John LoMonaco, who has been featured on TLC’s Big Medicine. Galveston may never be the same!

Visit the RYD Obesity website for the full details about the event. And, to get to know more of Yvonne’s amazingly generous heart, pop over to her home page at www.BariatricGirl.com or even her page on Obesity Help. She’s the real deal, and we’re blessed to have her as part of the Weight Loss Surgery Channel team!

Keeping You Informed
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The Plastic Surgery ChannelFor many weight loss surgery patients, the transformation isn’t complete until the excess skin is removed and their svelte new bodies are revealed. Of course, this dramatic change can only be accomplished with skilled plastic surgeons who are experienced in post-bariatric surgery procedures.

But how do you learn about the various options, and which are right for you? Unfortunately, the world is rife with surgeons who are looking for a “cash transfusion” for their practice by taking a weekend seminar on plastic surgery — then calling themselves “certified.” In an effort to bring you, our viewers, the most accurate and timely information about plastic surgery, we have sought out the top cosmetic and reconstructive industry experts in the country and now launched The Plastic Surgery Channel. Pop over to our sister station and take a look! Click the image above to visit The Plastic Surgery Channel now!

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Next week is Nurse’s Week, which runs from May 6th – 12th. (Yes, it starts on a Wednesday. I don’t make the rules.) I encourage everyone in the weight loss surgery community–whether you’re pre-op, post-op, or a bariatric surgeon–to go out of your way to thank a nurse! I know firsthand what an incredible difference it makes to have a caring and detail-oriented R.N. to offer help and guidance when you’re in the hospital. These healthcare professionals work tirelessly, and they deserve a load of gratitude. So, be sure to send a card, make a call, or just tell a nurse in person how much you appreciate them!


Craig Thompson
12 Years PostOp RNY
Weight Loss Surgery Channel

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