WLSChannel Newsletter June 26, 2009

Weight loss surgery increases risk of bone fracturers


In this week’s edition of WLS News, we’ll examine how weight loss surgery can increase your risk of bone fractures, and explain how a lack of physical activity and poor diet are causing serious health concerns for kids. We’ll also share new recommendations regarding pregnancy after weight loss surgery, and find out what happens when Western diet and lifestyle habits come to the developing world. Get the latest medical updates and stay on track to a healthy lifestyle with WLS News!

ASMBS Conference Update
Exhibits Focus on Post-Op Care

Weight Loss Surgery Channel stars at the ASMBS ConferenceFrom tasty chewable vitamins to high-tech pain pumps, numerous exhibits at the 26th Annual Meeting of the ASMBS focused on post-op support for patients. Yvonne McCarthy, host of WLS Journeys, and Chef Dave, the world’s first bariatric chef, joined Craig Thompson to discuss some of the most interesting finds in this special report straight from the exhibit hall floor.

Medical Update
Fast Food Driving Global Cancer Rates

A high-calorie, high-fat, low-fiber diet and other lifestyle factors common to Westernized nations are gaining popularity in the developing world. As a result, colorectal cancer rates are increasing around the globe, even as the incidence of colorectal cancer in America is declining. Get the full story in this week’s medical update.

WLS Community
Share the Weight Loss Surgery Channel Share Encouragement and Support!

You already know that the Weight Loss Surgery Channel offers fantastic — and life-changing — information and programming, including 90 Seconds to Success, WLS Journeys, Melting Mama, and more. You may even know that we’re adding new shows later this summer, including a cooking show with Chef Dave. We do this because we want to support each and every one of our viewers in their own weight loss surgery journey — and we believe that once you’ve been down that road, you should share what you’ve learned along the way.

Now, we’re asking you to share the Weight Loss Surgery Channel. Share it with your support group, your surgeon, your patient care coordinator, and your friend who is thinking about weight loss surgery. Help us help others on this incredible journey!

A big thanks and shout out to our amazing production team for all their hard work at the annual meeting of the American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery (ASMBS) this past week. They went above and beyond the call of duty to capture the highlights from this year’s event, including interviews with more than 20 bariatric surgeons and allied healthcare professionals, so we can bring YOU the very latest news and information about treatment options and patient support. What an exciting time!

We’ll be rolling out the footage in the upcoming weeks, so stay tuned to the Weight Loss Surgery Channel for the inside scoop!


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12 Years PostOp RNY
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