WLSChannel Newsletter June 19, 2009

Lack of sleep increases obesity risks


In this week’s edition of WLS News, we’ll explain why a lack of sleep can cause serious physical consequences — and which ethnic group is most at risk. We’ll also tell you how obesity can reduce the effectiveness of your asthma inhaler, and how scientists have discovered a genetic pathway to promote fat loss. Plus, get the results of a recent survey that polled post-op bariatric patients to find out if they’re really happier and healthier after weight loss surgery. Catch the latest edition of WLS News now!

Money Matters
Insurance Affects Weight Loss Surgery Results

Medicare patients lose less weight after bariatric surgeryA new study finds that patients who rely on Medicare to pay for their bariatric surgery lose less weight post-op than those who have private health insurance. Find out why Medicare patients may be at greater risk in this report from WLS News.

Post-Op Support
‘Cause You Gotta Have Faith

Need a pick-me-up to help you deal with life’s daily challenges? Want some perspective on navigating relationships after weight loss surgery? I’ve just recorded several new episodes of 90 Seconds to Success, where I share some of the insights I’ve learned over the past 12 years as a post-op WLS patient. Click here to see the latest episode!

WLS Community
Weight Loss Surgery Channel on FaceBook Roll Out the Welcome Wagon

Social networking sites, like Facebook and Twitter, are a great way to connect with other members of the WLS community across the country. Get plugged in with people who have traveled the weight loss surgery journey before you. You can also send us your feedback, show ideas, or silly videos. Join the WLS Channel group on Facebook…or send us a Tweet!

We’ve been super busy behind the scenes, getting everything ready for next week’s annual meeting of the American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery. We’ll be bringing you Special Coverage of the ASMBS Meeting from our remote television studio at the event, including interviews with top bariatric surgeons and healthcare professionals from across the country, reports on new surgical procedures, and updates on research related to the management of obesity and related co-morbidities.

Stay tuned to the Weight Loss Surgery Channel to get the inside scoop!


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