WLSChannel Newsletter July 24, 2009

Weight Loss Surgery News for July 24 2009


In this week’s edition of WLS News, find out whether the germs in your mouth are making you fat, and learn whether sleep apnea really is affected by weight loss surgery. Then, take a trip down the aisle with the authors of a new study to find out whether getting married means saying “I do” to weight gain. Click the image above to catch this week’s edition.

Health Trends
Southerners Fight Battle of the Bulge

Obesity in the South driven by poverty, study showsChicken fried steak and mashed potatoes with gravy — is that why one-third of the folks from Mississippi are obese? Eight out of the ten states with the highest rate of obesity are in the South. To find out why — and what can be done about it — watch this report.

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