WLSChannel Newsletter Feb. 27, 2009

WLS News for February 27, 2009


Weight Loss Surgery Channel News In the February 27th edition of WLS News, we’ll look at the relationship between belly fat and migraines, report on how junk food is affecting the health of our nation’s teens, and check on the up-sizing of kids’ clothing as a result of rising childhood obesity rates. We’ll also find out which foods can keep your liver healthy, and share some surprising findings linking obesity during pregnancy with an increased risk of birth defects. Plus, our intrepid Internet reporter Yvonne McCarthy will check in with one of her favorite websites for WLS information and support. Tune in now to see this week’s newscast!

Living La Vida Post-Op
Melting Mama Asks, “Who Are You Calling a Fat-Head?”
Melting Mama Asks, 'Who Are You Calling a Fat-Head?'

She’s baaaack!! Beth Sheldon-Badore, a.k.a. “Melting Mama”, is in rare form once again on the second episode of her own “reality” show, Melting Mama’s Reality Bites. Join Beth as she dishes about the highs and lows of life after weight loss surgery and tackles the topic of how to deal with a fat brain in a thin body. Plus, she’ll divulge one of her favorite low-cal, pouch-friendly sweet treats in her latest product review, and wrap up the show with an inspired rant straight from the heart. Fasten your seatbelts for Melting Mama’s crazy funhouse ride!

Welcome Our Newest Faculty Member
J. Schuh Named Creative Director of the Weight Loss Surgery Channel

J. Schuh J. Schuh, an award winning animator, cartoonist, designer, illustrator and producer, has joined the Weight Loss Surgery Channel as its new Creative Director. As an independent producer, J. has created animation for a wide variety of clients, including the American Heart Association, Avon, Cingular, Comedy Central, FedEx Kinko’s, JCPenney, Mary Kay Inc, RadioShack, Sherwin Williams, Toyota, and many others. Over the years, he has also worked with and founded several animation studios, and he is the founder of Graphical User Interactive Learning and Development (GUILD), a professional development organization for artists and creative professionals. In addition to his production work, Schuh also serves as adjunct professor at Collin County Community College and Texas A&M Commerce in downtown Dallas, where he teaches Animation, Art Direction, Multimedia and Storyboarding. Please join us in welcoming J. to the Weight Loss Surgery Channel team!

WLS Journeys
Guest Gina Robinson

Gina RobinsonBe sure to catch the latest episode of WLS Journeys, as host Yvonne McCarthy interviews Gina Robinson, a hospice nurse who lost 150 pounds after weight loss surgery — and regained 60 before getting back on track. Whether you have had a gastric bypass, Lap-Band, duodenal switch or other procedure, Gina’s there-and-back-again story is one you’ll want hear, and her unwavering humor will have you laughing all the way through. Join Gina and Yvonne as they talk about the trip, only on the Weight Loss Surgery Channel.

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