WLSChannel Newsletter August 28, 2009

Dr. Joseph Michaels explains body contouring options

Wondering what your options are for tightening the excess skin that appeared as your weight dwindled? Worried about scarring? Plastic surgeon Dr. Joseph Michaels explains what you can do, plus what to expect, in this video.

Health Update
Licorice Extract Tied to Speedy Metabolism and Lower LDL

Most people consider licorice a guilty pleasure at the movies, but did you know it could help boost your metabolism? A recent study showed that participants who took daily doses of a licorice extract while exercising and watching their diet, burned extra fat and lowered their cholesterol.

This Week in the News
Pizza Pizza Restaurant Forced to Pay for Weight Loss Surgery

In this week’s edition of WLS News, find out why an Indiana pizza shop was ordered to pay for an employee’s Lap-Band surgery after an accident, discover how the rate of childhood obesity has skyrocketed since the mid-70s, learn what some doctors think a high-fat diet can do to the mind, and get ready for a surprising study showing how using food stamps can affect your BMI.

Social Networking
Make Friends and Influence People!

WLS Channel on FacebookIf you feel alone in the struggle against obesity and have questions about bariatric surgery, or just want be reminded that others worldwide can relate to you, don’t keep things to yourself.  Come where you can say what’s on your mind and meet others who agree. Find the Weight Loss Surgery Channel on Facebook and join our Meet-Up Group, featuring folks who have had weight loss surgery or are looking into it, just like you. Click now to friend us on Facebook now!

If you’re at least three years post-op and have an important message to share about your weight loss surgery journey, we want to hear from you! We are looking for WLS Success Stories to feature both on the Weight Loss Surgery Channel website and in upcoming shows.Stories should be 500 words or more, with plenty of before and after pics. Links to YouTube videos are great, too. This is not the place to promote a product or service, but simply to provide encouragement to your fellow travelers on the WLS highway.

Interested? Click here to submit your story, and help pay it forward.


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